The RNZAF has always been keen to acquire F-16 fighters. At the turn of the century, the National government even paid a deposit to get a batch of the aircraft that were originally destined to go to Pakistan. Any hopes of getting the aircraft were quickly dashed however when the new Labour government, under the leadership of Helen Clark, decided in 2001 to not only cancel the F-16 order but to scrap New Zealand's air combat force as well. Breaking the contract with the US cost the New Zealand taxpayer millions of dollars. What follows are a few items of RNZAF memorabilia to mark this era of wishful thinking.

Ref. No. 1218. F-16 FIGHTING FALCON PATCH WITH NEW ZEALAND FLAG. These were produced by overseas manufacturers in anticipation of the deal going through.

Ref. No. 1224. RNZAF F-16 FIGHTING FALCON BROCHURE AND PHOTOGRAPHS OF F-16S. The brochure was produced by the RNZAF to let the public know what they were getting - not! The lower photograph (RNZAF Official) was distributed to a New Zealand magazine for publishing to show one of the aircraft covered by the contract.

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