Virtual Museum - Survival and Escape Items

Ref. No. 746. 1943 PATTERN "ESCAPE" BOOTS Stores reference Number 22C/917-924 RAF .  Escape boots consisted of a lace up, black leather walking show with an attached, zip-up black leather legging.  In the event of landing  in enemy territory, the wearer separated the leggings from the shoe section using a folding pocket knife concealed inside a pocket of the right boot.  It was believed the walking shoe would be less obvious and more comfortable  for the wearer to escape.

Ref. No. 743.  K-TYPE DINGHY.  Circa 1943.  Rare.  As used by fighter pilots.  Stores reference 27C/1927.  Yellow/orange. Made of rubberised cotton.  Fitted with cape and apron.  Also fitted with points to attach sail.  Drogue present in water pocket.  Multi-lingual instructions printed on side.  

Ref. No. 547. BAILOUT BREATHING OXYGEN. Circa 1940’s. In kharki-coloured canvas pouch. Pouch printed with “U.S. Airforce Bailout Breathing Oxygen Dwg. No. 42G7365.” Bottle steel and painted green. Marked “Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen.” Also stamped on bottle “ICC 3E 1800 H1 AC 6-42 1902”. No valve fitted. Bottle 330mm long.

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