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The Spitfire panel is very large compared with most other WWII panels. A number of gauges and items are also specific to the Spitfire and therefore very collectible and hard to obtain. At present, this panel is very much a work in progress while I hunt down items to fill the vacant holes. The blind flying panel has yet to be attached with mounting brackets. If anyone has a spare ASI, RPM gauge, undercarriage indicator, etc gathering dust and they want to sell it, please let me know! 

Ref. No. 100. SPITFIRE P8 COMPASS. Circa 1940. "RAAF Ref No. G6A/726" plaque on side. "2711" stamped into side of bowl. "Type P.8" and No. 36546.D." stamped into top brass rim.
Ref. No. 646. SPITFIRE REAR-VIEW MIRROR. Circa 1940s. Air Ministry. Ref. No. ?7H/2017. H & S. Minus mounting bracket (slot can be seen in image above).  These were mounted above the windshield on the outside of the aircraft.

Ref. No. 106. SPITFIRE REFLECTOR SIGHT MARK II. 1941. In case 350mm x145mm x 188mm. Good condition. In working condition. Box plate engraved "Barr & Stroud Ltd. Reflector Sight Mark II. Stores Ref. No. 7A/1124. AM Serial No. 10590/40. British Patent No. 504845/37." The serial number on the box plate has been re-engraved over the original. The sight itself is engraved "Stores Ref. No. 8B/1124. Reflector Sight Mark II. AM Serial No.4004/41. British Patent No. 504845/37. The sight is complete with bakelite base and bulb. The fitting is marked with AM ad crown with "Ref. No. 5C/890."
Ref. No. 106.  As above showing wooden carrying case.

Ref. No. 1134. SPITFIRE G-45 GUN CAMERA COUNTER. WW2 Supermarine Spitfire Aircraft cockpit, camera footage indicator unit for the G45 Gun Camera. The unit has the reference number 14A/1435.These are fitted on the cockpit side wall or instrument panel in aircraft such as the Spitfire, Hurricane, Typhoon etc. This one comes with the plug. Includes a post-war manufactured wedge plate which would enable it to be fitted for a cockpit reconstruction or project.

Ref. No. 420. MKI BOMB RACK. Circa 1940’s. Type used on Spitfires (shown in Airfix book). Engraved on side is IIIA/N2545 MKI* Ser. No. RDII. Electrical junction box on rack reads “Ref No. 5D/579. Plug has “5D/515”.
  Ref. No. 357. MARK VIIIA* OXYGEN REGULATOR. Circa 1940s. Air Ministry. Smiths. Type used in Spitfires. Ref No. 6D/124. Serial No. 2058/39. Gauges and plate are mounted on what appears to be right hand side of an instrument panel.

Ref. No. 324. SPITFIRE K1-GASS FUEL PRIMER. 1943. Wartime gas primer. Brass. Primer is located lower right instrument panel. Stamped “1943” and “AM”. Serial number “1226F”. Excellent condition. These primers are advertised in Flypast for £98.00.
Ref. No. 684. SPITFIRE G.45 GUN CAMERA. 1940s. Located port wing root. Data reads “Camera Type G.45 12 volts Ref. No. 14A/1389 AM Serial No. 5018 Williamson Mfg. Co. Ltd. London & Reading.” Lens reads “Short Lens Type G.45 Ref. No. 14A/1398 AM Serial No. 1440 Williamson Mfg. Co. Ltd”. Includes magazine “Magazine Type G.45 Ref. No. 14A/1393 AM Serial No. 35104 Williamson Mfg. Co. Ltd. London & Reading” which still has film loaded in it! Camera grey. Lens black with red stripe. Magazine black. “f6 lens stop” painted in green on top of camera.

Ref. No. 496. SPITFIRE MKII D CLOCK. 1941. 8 day. Ref. No. 6A/1150. Serial No. 8041/41. Features second hand and two setting tags that are mounted through a hole in the glass dial.  Type used in Spitfires.

Ref. No. 1097. SPITFIRE FLAP CONTROL LEVER. Reproduction.

Ref. No.1151. BOXED SPITFIRE MK IX.G RPM GAUGE 0 - 5000. Has tag with stores reference number “6A/1191 Indicator E.S. Mk. IX.G Qty. 1). 

Ref. No. 185. SMITHS MK XIVA ALTIMETER. 1941. No. 25423/41. 6A/685. 0 - 35,000’. “9/42” also painted in white on dial. Air Ministry. Appears to be fully functional. Adjustment knob on bottom centre. Type used in Spitfires, Hurricanes and Lancasters etc.

Ref. No. 1160. SPITFIRE ASI MK IXE. 0-400 mph. Air Ministry. Pat. No. 388514 492563.

Ref. No. 1161. SPITFIRE FUEL CONTENTS PLATE. Reproduction.


Ref. No. 584. SPITFIRE BOOST GAUGE MK IIIK. 1943. Ref No. 6A/1223? AM on rear. Red surround. -4 to +16 on dial. No. 90438/43. Type of gauge used on Spifires, Hurricanes & Lancasters.

Ref. No. 558. SPITFIRE BOOST GAUGE. 1944. Smiths. Dial reads -4 to +24. Also “104909/44 MK IIIM*” Broad arrow on rear.  Gauge is in excellent condition.
Ref. No. 190. VOLTMETER. 1940. For 12 volt system. 0 - 20 volts. Dial also has “Sangamo Western Ltd, Enfield, Middx, Eng. AM Ref. No. 5A/1636 1940”. Type used in Spitfires (see pilot notes).
Ref. No. 166. MARK 9E AIRSPEED INDICATOR. 1939. Air Ministry. Ref No. 6A/1294. No. 7101/39. Range 0 - 340 knots.  Excellent condition.

Ref. No. 331. SPITFIRE TURNING INDICATOR MK 1A. 1939. Air Ministry. Made by “Reid & Sigrist Ltd.” “4389/39”.  Currently minus glass on front.
Ref. No. 239.  PRESSURE GAUGE MKXIE. 1943. Suitable for Spitfire, Hurricane, Mosquito, Anson , Oxford or Tiger Moth. Complete with tubing and brass engine mount. Broad arrow on side. “MKXIV 6A/570” on one side and “No. 82752/43” on other side.

Ref. No. 168. MK VIII RADIATOR TEMP GAUGE WITH LINE AND PROBE. 1940. Air Ministry. No manufacturers name or serial numbers.  This type of gauge was used in Merlin powered aircraft such as the Spitfire and Hurricane. Instrument removed from old car reputed to have been owned by Betty Black, RAF pilot who trained many New Zealand pilots during WWII.

Ref. No. 248.  TRIPLE PRESSURE GAUGE. Circa 1940’s. Possibly manufactured by Smith’s. Type used on Oxfords, Ansons, Wellingtons, Mosquitos and probably Vampires. Similar type (although recessed into panel) also used on Spitfires and Lancasters. Top arc is supply pressure from 0 - 220 psi. Port and starboard gauges reasd 0 - 130 psi. Writen on dial is “AHO 374 E2”. Hand painted number on base of dial reads “6726147”. Rear plate reads “Supply Port Starboard”.

Ref. No. 343. SPITFIRE VERTICAL SPEED INDICATOR MK. IB. 1940. Smiths. Air Ministry. Plus/minus 4000 ft/min. No. 15382/40. Good condition.
Ref. No. 741. VERTICAL SPEED INDICATOR MK IB.  Circa 1940s  Smiths.  White and green numbers.  Ref No. 6A/1301.  Service mark on dial reads “4/51”.  Unit appears to be completely sealed.  Would suit WWII type blind flying panel.  Engraved on back is number K2573.  This serial number was for a DH60T Tiger Moth 1 but not known if this instrument belonged to that aircraft.  Excellent condition.

Ref. No. 352. FUEL CONTENTS GAUGE. Circa 1940. Smiths. 35 gallons capacity. 12volt.  No. 91937. Prov. Pat. 13383/29.  This is similar to gauges used in Spitfire - only difference is the Spitfire gauge was for 37 gallons capacity.
Ref. No.167.  Mk 1A OIL TEMP GAUGE. 1940. Air Ministry. Coley. Brentford. No. 7869/40. 0 -100 range. Scratched on rear are service marks “6A/155 116155 R/43. This type of gauge was used in Merlin powered aircraft such as the Spitfire and Hurricane. Instrument removed from old car reputed to have been owned by Betty Black, RAF pilot who trained many New Zealand pilots during WWII.

Ref. No. 583. OIL TEMPERATURE GAUGE MK 1A. 1942. Ref No. 6A/220? “11854/42” on dial. AM on rear. Smiths? Red surround. 0 - 100 range. “Oil” blacked out on face. Type of gauge used on Spitfire, Oxford, Anson & Mosquito.
Ref. No. 738. SPITFIRE DIRECTION INDICATOR. 1942.  Has “Direction Indicator” written on dial as in early Spitfires/Hurricanes etc.  In good condition.

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