A-4 Skyhawk Publications

Douglas A-4 Skyhawk Attack and Close-Support Fighter Bomber by Jim Winchester. Published in 2005 by Pen & Sword Books Ltd. 304 pages.

 Douglas A-4 Skyhawk by Peter Kilduff. Published in 1983 by Osprey. 198 pages

Original NATOPS Manual for Navy Model TA-4F/TA-4J and International Model TA-4G Aircraft.  Dated 15 July 1969 with changes 15 May 1975 and ammendements up to interim Change No. 50

Walk Around A-4 Skyhawk by Lou Drendel. Walk Around Number 41. Published in 2006 by Squadron/Signal Publications. 80 pages

McDonnell Douglas A-4 Skyhawk by Brad Elward. Published in 2000 by The Cronwood Press. 192 pages.

Topped Gun. Requiem for the Skyhawk by Ross Ewing. Published in 2002 by Old Sausage Publishers. 152 pages.

Skyhawk. War Data. Number 7 by Kenneth Munson. Published circa 1980s by Eshel GmbH. 48 pages.

Skyhawk. Aeroguide 14. McDonnell Douglas A-4M Skyhawk by Roger Chesneau. Published in 1986 by Linewrights Ltd. 36 pages.

A-4 Skyhawk in Detail & Scale by Bert Kinzey. Published in 1989 by Airlife Publishing. 72 pages.

GINTER Steve, McDONNELL DOUGLAS A-4M SKYHAWK, 2002, Steve Ginter, 121pp., illus., soft cover. Includes information on the A-4N, A-4AR, A-4KU and AF-1. Content contains large number of photographs and diagrams/drawings from NATOPS manuals.

GANN Harry, THE DOUGLAS A-4 SKYHAWK, 1966, Profile Publications Number 102, 12 pages, illus., soft cover, stapled. Includes colour profiles, details of history, construction, operational history and export sales.

EWING Raewyn, HAWK OF THE SKY – MY STORY, 2002, Old Sausage Publishers, 29pp., colour and b/w illus., soft cover.  A children’s book on RNZAF Skyhawks.

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