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Ref. No. 807.  ORIGINAL PHOTO OF P-40Q TAKEN BY CURTISS WRIGHT CORPORATION.  Rear stamp and writing states:  “Photograph from Curtiss Wright Corporation, Airplane Division, Buffalo 5, N.Y. Public and Internal Relations Department.  Plane Model – P-40Q.  Negative number 1205-X. Date taken 10/26/43.  Date processed May 28 1945". 

Ref. No. 676. PORTRAIT OF MORELAND. Circa 1920. Hand-tinted portrait photograph of Mr Moreland taken at Sockburn in front of the ten cylinder radial engine Caudron biplane. In writing on back is “Moreland. Former Canterbury Aero Club 50th reunion. c66.” The portrait has been framed by the St. Albans School of Art, 143 Cranford Street, St. Albans, Christchurch. The portrait has been signed by “A. W. & H. Jackson, S. S. A.” The inscription on the rear is probably incorrect. It is more likely that Moreland was at the 50th reunion of the Canterbury Aviation Company. If the reunion was 1966, this ties in with the fact that the CAC began in 1916 and trained 182 pilots by the end of WWI.   The engine in the background is a  Le Rhone 90 h.p. 10-cylinder twin-row Anzani radial. The engine is NOT a type fitted to later “air force” aircraft and therefore confirms the portrait as being taken in front of a Caudron aeroplane.

Ref. No. 203. FRAMED HAND COLOURED PHOTOGRAPH OF JEAN BATTEN ARRIVING IN MANGERE.  Circa 1936. Photograph depicts Batten emerging from her Percival Gull G-ADPR at Mangere on 16 October 1936.  Photo is within original oak frame, with wooden oak border and protected by glass.  Photo measures 290mm x 370mm.  Frame measures 500mm x 570mm. Very good condition.
Ref. No. 114. FRAMED PHOTOGRAPH OF SOUTHERN CROSS. Original photo taken at Wigram aerodrome looking northeast (trees and barn provide positive identication). Date of photograph is probably in 1928 as aircraft arrived in Christchurch on 11 September 1928. Aircraft has engines running. Registration  visible under port wing. Frontal shot of aircraft with figures under starboard wing. Frame measure 460mm x 270mm with photo measuring 370mm x 180mm.

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