Virtual Museum - North American Mustang components

Ref. No. 905. North American P-51D instrument panel.

Ref. No. 363. TYPE A-12 DEMAND OXYGEN REGULATOR. 1940s. Used in Mustangs. “Mfrs Assem. No. 8800100 Spec. No. 40370. Order No. W 535-ac24072 Ser. No. 28939. The Aro Equipment Corp. Cleveland. Ohio.”

Ref. No. 604. P-51 & P-38 RADIO TUNING DIAL. Circa 1940’s. Plate reads “C-26/ARC-5 NXsa20124 1981 CCT”  Larger three dial versions in C47s, B52s etc. Ex-US Navy.

Ref. No. 907.  F4U CORSAIR/P-51 GUN CAMERA.  Front plate reads “12 Volt Camera Type M4” and “24 Volt Camera Type N4”. Side plate reads “U.S. Navy – Bur. Of Ord. Body Assem. G.S.A.P. Camera 16 mm. 24 volts Sep. No. 31136 M’F’R’S. Dwg. No. C334-C1 Ser. No. 41-3103 Order No. Nos. 82862 Inspector E.K.(anchor symbol), Fairchild Aviation Corporation. N. Y. For camera assembly type identification see lens mount flange data.” Other plate reads “Set indicator at index for desired speed. Do not change speed when camera is running.”  On lens is U.S.Navy – Bur. Of Ord. Lens Assy. 35 mm plain. Spec. No. 311157. Serial No. 3171.
Ref. No. 789. MUSTANG AIRSPEED INDICATOR.  Circa 1940.  0-700 range in knots. Serial number AC42-11742.  Bendix Aviaton Corporation. 
Ref. No. 990. 1942 ELGIN 8-DAY CLOCK.  Rear plate reads: “Order No. AC-26186 Mfr’s Part No. 1776 Spec. No. 94-27970 Ser. No. AC4258776 Elgin Nat’l Watch Co.

Ref. No. 987.  P-51D BENDIX RADIO INDICATOR TYPE IN-4A. Dial reads “Bendix Radio Type IN-4A Ser. No. –11664.” Rear reads “Hickok”.  Shown fitted to a number of operational WWII P-51D Mustangs.
Ref. No. 112g    NORTH AMERICAN MUSTANG P-51 TURN INDICATOR. Pioneer. Type1723-2N-B1

Ref. No. 383. MUSTANG REMOTE INDICATING COMPASS - PIONEER. Circa 1940s. Label reads “Indicator - Magnesyn Remote Indicating Compass AN Part No. 5730-2 Mfrs Part No. 10061-1A-B1 Ser. No. 163118.”
Ref. No. 113m. MUSTANG OXYGEN CYLINDER PRESSURE GAUGE.  0 - 500 psi pressure range.
Ref. No. 113n.  MUSTANG OXYGEN CYLINDER PRESSURE GAUGE.  0 - 500 psi pressure range.
Ref. No. 213. OXYGEN REGULATOR. TYPE A-8A. Circa 1940. Rear plate reads “OXYGEN REGULATOR Type No. A-8A Contract No. AC-20662. Mfrs Assy Dwg No 2806-1D-B1. Serial No. AC-41 1-03285. Bendix Aviation Corporation Pioneer Instrument Division Bendix, New jersey, USA.”
Ref. No. 146. MORSE IDENTIFICATION SWITCH FROM MUSTANG FIGHTER. Circa 1944. 85mm in diameter. Made from bakelite with brass morse key. Writing on front "AM Type B Ref. No. 5c/372 Switchbox Identification. At top of switch are two selectors, "Upward" and "Downward", with "Morse", "Off", and "Steady" positions. Four wires exiting base of switch have been cut.
Ref. No. 252. RECOGNITION LIGHTS KEY. Circa 1940. Mounted right side cockpit. Writing on top reads “Recog’n Lights Key” and writing on side reads “Warning. Max. Ground oper. Time 10 Seconds”.
Ref. No. 507. SUCTION GAUGE. Circa 1940’s. Marked “Maxwell, Manning, Moore.” Scale 0 - 10.
Ref. No. 193. OXYGEN FLOW INDICATOR BLINKER FROM CA-17 MUSTANG FIGHTER. Circa 1940’s. This type of Blinker was also used in B-17s, C-47, Front dial reads “Blinker Oxygen Flow Indicator”. Back plate reads “Serial No. AF44-080487 Contract W-11-107ac-167(57) Mfrs. Ass’y Part No. 1506523 Indicator - Oxygen Flow AN 6029-1 Delco Radio Div. G.M. Corp.”
Ref. No. 375. P-51 COCKPIT LAMP - ULTRAVIOLET. 1940’s. American. Specs probably as follows -  “Grimes Mfg. Co. Urbana Ohio. Ultraviolet cocpit light. Type C-8 28V.-DC Spec. 32451-A Grimes B-2930-A”.
Ref. No. 374. HAVARD COCKPIT LAMP - ULTRAVIOLET. 1940’s. American. Marked “Grimes Mfg. Co. Urbana Ohio. Ultraviolet cocpit light. Type C-8 28V.-DC Spec. 32451-A Grimes B-2930-A”. Includes spiral chord.
Ref. No. 216. ARTIFICIAL HORIZON. Circa 1940. Rear plates read “Gyro Horizon Indicator AN 5736-1 Mfrs Pt No T-95100 Contract No W535 AC-25804 Serial No AF42-19056” and “Manufactured by Ternstedt Manufacturing Division General Motors Corp Detroit Mich for the U S Government.” Type used in Kittyhawks, Mustangs and Avengers.
Ref. No. 217. DIRECTIONAL GYRO. Circa 1940. Rear plate reads in part “Directional Gyro Indicator AN-5735-1” Manufactured by Electric Auto Lite Co. Ex RAAF. Servicable. Type used on Kittyhawks and Mustangs.
Ref. No. 654. NORTH AMERICAN P-51 MUSTANG DIRECTION INDICATOR. Circa 1940. AN-5735-1 Mfrs Part No. 646050. Ser. No. AL43-732.

Ref. No. 112e. P-51 VERTICAL SPEED INDICATOR. Pioneer.  Back plate reads "Bk AN-5825-1 Mfr's Part No. 166-6A-B1 Contract AC-399 Serial No. AF-43 10291 Bendix Aviation Corporation Eclipse - Pioneer Division Teterboro, New Jersey USA"
Ref. No. 342. MUSTANG MANIFOLD PRESSURE GAUGE. 1942. 10 - 75 range. “Contract No. AC-26944. Mfr’s Part No. 6748 157. Ser. No. AC-42 32565. Spec. No. 9427938-A Manning Maxwell & Moore, Bridgeport, Conn.”
Ref. No. 648. MUSTANG MANIFOLD GAUGE. Type D-10. Circa 1940s. 10 - 75. Mfrs Part No. 6748-157. Ser. No. AC-42-46851. manning maxwell & Moore Inc, Bridgeport, Conn. Face reads “A.C. U.S.Army.”
Ref. No. 714. NORTH AMERICAN P-51 MUSTANG RPM GAUGE. Circa 1940s. Jaeger Watch Co.

Ref. No. 215. MUSTANG TRIPLE GAUGE TYPE B-7. Circa 1940. Temp C’. Oil and Fuel Pressure. Rear plate reads “Type B-7 Serial No. AF 43-26818 Spec No. 94-27943-A MF’RS Part No. 10229-A-15 Order No. W535-AC-32714 The Electric Auto-Lite Co Motometer Gauge & Equip’T Div. La Crosse, Wis.”
Ref. No. 194. HYDRAULIC PRESSURE GAUGE FITTED TO CA-17 MUSTANG. Circa 1940’s. 0 -5000 lbs sq. in. Back plate reads “Gage Hydraulic Pressure AN5771T7A  Stock Number Mf’rs. Part No.AW-1 7/8-17-CZ6 Mf’rs Serial No. AF-51-16467 Order No.AF 33(038)-20750 U.S.Gage NP-F-CM-26”
Ref. No. 109. MUSTANG TEMPERATURE GAUGE. Circa WWII. Weston Electric Inst Corp. Guage has -50 to plus 150 range. Plate on rear reads "AN 5790-6 MFR'S. PART. No. 110077. CONTR. NO. AC - 35737 SER. NO. AC 43 - 177613 WESTON ELEC INST CORP."
Ref. No. 227. CARB TEMP GAUGE. Circa 1940. Rear plate reads “AN5790-6 Mfr’s Part No 110077 Weston Elect. Inst. Corp.”. Gauge used in Mustangs and Kittyhawks and other American aircraft.
Ref. No. 521. P-51 MUSTANG MAGNETO SWITCH. Circa 1940’s. A.C.Type A-8. Rear reads “Briggs & Stratton Corp, Milwaukee, Wis. USA B-41 3I-I97” Has connections for Right, Left, Ground and Battery. Shown clearly in Mustang Pilots Notes.

Ref. No. 219 & 220. OIL COOLER MANUAL SWITCHES. Circa 1940s. Used on Mustangs.
Ref. No. 221 & 222. SWITCH GUARD FROM MUSTANG. Circa 1940s. Used right hand side of cockpit (see pilot notes).

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