Virtual Museum - Model Aircraft (Wood)

Ref. No. 475. HASEGAWA 1:8 SCALE MUSEUM SERIES MODEL SE5A. Kitset. 1010mm wingspan. Fuselage length 800mm long. Not covered in fabric to show interior fittings.  Produced in the 1980s, contruction is wood with metal cowlings and fuel tank.  Bracing wires are made of thin gauge wire. Hasegawa made four Museum Series kits.  They made a Wright Flyer and a 1/8 scale Fokker Triplane, Sopwith Camel and SE5a.  The SE5a is by far  the rarest of the models and it is rumoured that the templates for this and the Wright Flyer were destroyed. These kits were multimedia and came with special tools, plastic castings etc.  Hasegawa 1/8 Vickers or Spandau guns are sometimes for sale on Ebay and were possibly issued separately at one time.  

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