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Ref. No. 26a. PILOTS REFERENCE STRIP MAP 955-D.  Covers area from new Georgia to New Ireland with degrees marked off from Munda Pt Aerodrome.  Previously owned by F/Sgt William Heslop (432300), No. 22 Fighter Squadron, RNZAF.  Above photo only shows approximately half of map.

Ref. No. 26b.  MAP OF ESPIRITU SANTO BOMBER FIELDS.  June 1 1943.  Confidential.  No. 12-20-12-1 & 3-L.  Produced by the N.A.C.A. hydrographic Office, Washington D. C. Previously owned by F/Sgt WilLiam Heslop.

Ref. No. 730. MAP OF SOLOMON ISLANDS - ADMAP 2.  November 1943.  Covers area from Buka Island through to San Cristobal.  Maps has been used with a track line drawn from Torokina Airfield, Bougainville through to Henderson Field, Guadalcanal.  Other lines have been drawn around New Georgia.  Shows location of following Allied and Japanese airfields and seaplane bases: Henderson, Carney, Russell, Rekata Bay, Munda, Vila, Gizo, Barakoma, Faisi, Ballale, Kahili, Okara, Kieta, Tenekau, Bonis and Buka.  Inset map and lower left includes part of New Britain and New Ireland.  Bases (Japanese) include, Buka, Bonis, Borpop, Namatanai, Tobera, Rapopo, Vunakanau, Keravat, Lakunai, Panapei and Kavieng.

Ref. No. 729. MAP OF SOLOMON ISLANDS - ADCHART 1.  November 1943.  Covers area from New Hebrides (Vanuatu) to south-east, Papua New Guines to west, New Britain to north, New Ireland, Bougainville and the Solomon Islands.  Includes location of Allied and "enemy" airfields.  Airfields include Espiritu Santo, Turtle Bay, Henderson, Careny, Russell, Rekata Bay, Segi, Munda, Vila, Barakoma, Faisi, Ballale, Kahili, Kieta, Tenekau, Bonis, Buka, Namatanai, Borpop, Keravat, Vunakanau, Lakunai, Rapopo, Tobera, Gasmata, and Milne Bay.  Map has been used with track lines drawn from Espiritu Santos to Henderson, up to Torokina and across to Jacquinot Bay.

Ref. No. 728. MAP OF NEW HEBRIDES AND NEW CALEDONIA - ADMAP 1. No date but probably, pre-November 1943.  Marked "Secret", this map covers the area from Espiritu Santo in the north through to New Caledonia.  Airfields include Magenta, Dumbea, Tontouta, Du Bois, Oua Tom, Bourail, Thio, Patsy, PDG, Koumac, Bruce, Vila, Havannah, Quoin Hill, Espiritu Santo, and Turtle Bay.  Photos at bottom show, left to right, Magenta, Tontouta, PDG and Espiritu Santo.  Map has been used and has tracks marked on it from New Zealand to Espiritu Santo with DR positions and times.
Ref. No. 78, 532, 533, 534 & 537. NEW ZEALAND FLYING MAPS. 1941-1943. Sheets 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 covering all of New Zealand.  Sheets 1, 3, 5, 6 are unfolded. Compiled by Head Office of the Department of Lands & Survey, Wellington, in collaboration with the Aerodrome Services, Public Works Department. Shows airfields and seaplane stations in use during WW2, obstructions, beacons, landable areas, bombing ranges, air firing ranges, towed target areas, explosive/prohibited/controlled areas and W T communication stations.

Ref. No. 8. RAF MAP - AVIATION MAP OF GREAT BRITAIN, SHEET No. 30 SW THE HIGHLANDS.  Scale 1:500,000.  First published 1937. This map updated to 1939.  Linen backed.  Covers area from north of Inverness to south of Glasgow. 

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