Virtual Museum - Avro Lancaster components, instruments and parts

Ref. No. 164. MK VI BOMB TIMING SELECTOR FOR LANCASTER. Circa 1940. Air Ministry. Ref. No. 5D/664. 24 volts. Mechansim consists of timing dial which will release load from 0.4 seconds to 5 seconds indicated. Timer is activated by depressing button to rewind and releasing button to set. A second push of the release button sets timer in action. The mechanism is apparently undamaged and in very good condition. Photograph of timer are shown in “Lancaster at War - 2” by Mike Garbett on page 69.

Ref No. 1248. PARTS FROM 617 SQUADRON LANCASTER ED927 AJ-E FLOWN BY F/L BARLOW AND LOST DURING THE DAMBUSTERS RAID. Items have original colour. Items include aluminium section measuring 10 inches with a hinge and what appears to be a filter from the aircraft. Cap is brass. Filter can be removed. Has small leather seal.

AJ-E, piloted by Flight Lieutenant Barlow spent the first part of the flight hugging the ground. At Heeren Herken, the aircraft collided with an electricity pylon causing it to burst into flames and hit the ground a few hundred yards further on. The mine bounced free of the aircraft and in the morning was examined by German bomb disposal experts. Barlow and all of his crew died in the crash. 

Ref. No. 1246. PART OF LANCASTER AJ-M FLOWN BY F/L J. V. HOPGOOD AND LOST IN THE FAMOUS DAMBUSTERS RAID. Hopgood's aircraft crashed while attacking the Mohne Dam. This item was recovered in the 1960's.

Ref. No. 901.  MARK IIIA* GUNSIGHT.  1941. Type used in turret guns in most RAF bombers such as the Wellington and Lancaster.  For use with lamp 24 volt Ref. No. 5L/2269. Plate on side has “AM” for Air Ministry and “Ref. No. 8B/1588 Reflector Sight Mk IIIA* Serial No. 86201/41”.

Ref. No. 147. LANCASTER P4A COMPASS. Circa 1940. 180mm in diameter. 92mm high. Brass. Alcohol filled. On top brass rim "Type P4A No. 25352T." The word "Aft" is on the top rim of the casing in addition to a brass plaque with "A.M. Ref. No. 6A/1.745". Alcohol discolored and bubble present.

Ref. No. 584. LANCASTER BOOST GAUGE MK IIIK. 1943. Ref No. 6A/1223? AM on rear. Red surround. -4 to +16 on dial. No. 90438/43. Type of gauge used on Spifires, Hurricanes & Lancasters.

Ref. No. 185. SMITHS MK XIVA ALTIMETER. 1941. No. 25423/41. 6A/685. 0 - 35,000’. “9/42” also painted in white on dial. Air Ministry. Appears to be fully functional. Adjustment knob on bottom centre. Type used in Spitfires, Hurricanes and Lancasters etc.
Ref. No. 343. LANCASTER VERTICAL SPEED INDICATOR MK. IB. 1940. Smiths. Air Ministry. Plus/minus 4000 ft/min. No. 15382/40. Good condition.
Ref. No. 738. LANCASTER DIRECTION INDICATOR. 1942.  Has “Direction Indicator” written on dial as in early Spitfires/Hurricanes etc.  In good condition.
Ref. No. 628. LANCASTER TURN AND SLIP INDICATOR. AM. Mark IA. No. 2999/38 Reid & Sigrist Ltd.

Ref. No. 248.  TRIPLE PRESSURE GAUGE. Circa 1940’s. Possibly manufactured by Smith’s. Type used on Lancasters, Oxfords, Ansons, Wellingtons, Mosquitos, etc.  Top arc is supply pressure from 0 - 220 psi. Port and starboard gauges reasd 0 - 130 psi. Writen on dial is “AHO 374 E2”. Hand painted number on base of dial reads “6726147”. Rear plate reads “Supply Port Starboard”.

Ref. No. 504. COCKPIT LAMP. Circa 1940s. Air Ministry. Stamped “Lamp Cockpit Mark IA AM Ref No 5C/446”.
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