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Ref. No. 106. SPITFIRE REFLECTOR SIGHT MARK II. 1941. In case 350mm x145mm x 188mm. Good condition. In working condition. Box plate engraved "Barr & Stroud Ltd. Reflector Sight Mark II. Stores Ref. No. 7A/1124. AM Serial No. 10590/40. British Patent No. 504845/37." The serial number on the box plate has been re-engraved over the original. The sight itself is engraved "Stores Ref. No. 8B/1124. Reflector Sight Mark II. AM Serial No.4004/41. British Patent No. 504845/37. The sight is complete with bakelite base and bulb. The fitting is marked with AM ad crown with "Ref. No. 5C/890."
Ref. No. 106.  As above showing wooden carrying case.
Ref. No. 989. 1942 SIGHT REFLECTOR MARK IIIA IN BOX.  Box reads: AM Aust Sight Reflector Mark IIIA Ref. No. E22/1588. Kriesler (Australasia) Pty. Ltd. 43 Alice Street, Newtown, NSW.” Plate on side of reflector reads: “ AM Reflector Gunsight MkIIIA*. Stores Ref. No. 7A/1588 AM Serial No. K150. Other plates read: “Connect Terminals A & B For BTH & CE AG Lamps” and “For Use With Lamp Ref. No. 5 A/1707.” Around top of sight is written “Australian Opt Co. Ltd 1942.” 
Ref. No. 901.  MARK IIIA* GUNSIGHT*.  1941. Type used in turret guns in most RAF bombers such as the Wellington and Lancaster.  For use with lamp 24 volt Ref. No. 5L/2269. Plate on side has “AM” for Air Ministry and “Ref. No. 8B/1588 Reflector Sight Mk IIIA* Serial No. 86201/41”.
Ref. No. 390. KITTYHAWK/MUSTANG TYPE N-3A GUNSIGHT. Circa 1940. Label reads “Gun Sight Type N-3A  Spec. No. 93-24859 Contract No. W535-ac-109 No. W535-ac-20225 Mfg. by Service Tool & Engr. Co. Dayton, Ohio.” Gunsight does not have angular glass head but otherwise appears complete. Tag attached to sight reads “RNZAF Form No.429. Serviceable. Section 108B. Description Sights MG. Remarks No longer required. Date 20/10/58.” This date coincides with the year that the RNZAF scrapped its Mustangs. This gunsight is shown on page 22 of “Mustang at War” by Roger Freeman plus in Pilots Notes. Further information in British Aircraft Armament, Volume 2, RAF Guns and Gunsights from 1914 to the Present Day [1994], by R.W. Clarke, indicates that the N-3A (mentioned on pg 183) was also used on P-38 Lightning, Martin and Emerson turrets, and the P-47C & D.

  Ref. No. 633. KITTYHAWK REFLECTOR MOUNT P40 KITTYHAWK. Circa 1940. Numbers on side “87 69 939 C L844”.  Attaches to top of N-3A gunsight as shown above and reflector glass fits into 45 degree slope shown at right.
Ref. No. 684. SPITFIRE G.45 GUN CAMERA. 1940s. Located port wing root. Data reads “Camera Type G.45 12 volts Ref. No. 14A/1389 AM Serial No. 5018 Williamson Mfg. Co. Ltd. London & Reading.” Lens reads “Short Lens Type G.45 Ref. No. 14A/1398 AM Serial No. 1440 Williamson Mfg. Co. Ltd”. Includes magazine “Magazine Type G.45 Ref. No. 14A/1393 AM Serial No. 35104 Williamson Mfg. Co. Ltd. London & Reading” which still has film loaded in it! Camera grey. Lens black with red stripe. Magazine black. “f6 lens stop” painted in green on top of camera.
Ref. No. 907.  F4U CORSAIR/P-51 GUN CAMERA*.  Front plate reads “12 Volt Camera Type M4” and “24 Volt Camera Type N4”. Side plate reads “U.S. Navy – Bur. Of Ord. Body Assem. G.S.A.P. Camera 16 mm. 24 volts Sep. No. 31136 M’F’R’S. Dwg. No. C334-C1 Ser. No. 41-3103 Order No. Nos. 82862 Inspector E.K.(anchor symbol), Fairchild Aviation Corporation. N. Y. For camera assembly type identification see lens mount flange data.” Other plate reads “Set indicator at index for desired speed. Do not change speed when camera is running.”  On lens is U.S.Navy – Bur. Of Ord. Lens Assy. 35 mm plain. Spec. No. 311157. Serial No. 3171.
Ref. No. 997. LANCASTER/MOSQUITO MKI GUNSIGHT*. The plate on this gunsight states: “AM Ref. 8B/2525 Projector Type 2 Mk I Serial No. 4306/44.” Although the plate states this is a Mk I variant, the shape and date of manufacture indicate it is probably a Mk III variant.  Without the hood, it looks identical to the MK IIIN, which was used on daylight operations and as a pilot’s sight on many multi-engined aircraft such as the de Havilland Mosquito.
A-1 BOMBING HEAD.   In addition to the standard Curtiss stationary gunsight reflector head, (P/N 87-69-939) used for aiming fixed wing guns only, some P-40's also used the variable-angled-reflector known as the A-1 bombing head on their N-3B gunsights. (pictured)   Like the N-3A and N-3B gunsight bodies, the A-1 reflector was generic and used on other planes as well.  It had an adjusting wheel on the left side of the head that was used for adjusting the angle of the reflector glass  to compensate for the trajectory of a falling bomb.  The zero on the calibrated adjusting wheel was set for fixed wing guns, and the other increments were set for various bombs at various altitudes.   This reflector is "live" and shows how it would look from the pilot's perspective if switched on - the interior bulb and lens focusing reticle and ring as shown. What is missing here is the Curtiss rubber crash pad, (P/N 87-694-1016) which clamped to the gunsight body directly below the bombing head.  D Collier.
Ref. No. 1003. A-4 SKYHAWK GUNSIGHT.  Removed from Bu. No. 148610, which flew with VMA-133 Dragons (Tail number “ME” and side number “13”). This aircraft was an AFD-2N, which was later redesignated A-4C.  This aircraft was produced in a batch of 178 aircraft with Bu. Nos. 148435 to 148612. Formerly on exhibit at the Navy-Marine Corps and Coast Guard Museum, it was acquired from NAS by Encinal High School, Alameda, CA in 1984. It was towed to the school, restored and repainted by student volunteers before being placed on display.
Ref. No. 1016. RNZAF 16 MM GUN SIGHT AIMING POINT CAMERA. Comes with case. Marked on top of case is “Camera Assembly Gun Sight Aiming Point 12 Volts Types M or 24 Volts, Types N.” Card on side of case reads” This Case Contains One Type [blank] Gun Sight Aiming Point Camera”. RNZAF Form 533 is attached to handle and reads: “RNZAF – Form 533. Section 114A. Ref. 740 or Part No. [blank]. Description: Camera G.S.A.P. N.4 AL/TER 105 1.R.D. Woodbourne. Type: IV/I/5252 Qty 8A14 S.N. 9417/42-14585.”  The serial number matches the camera inside. The plate on the side of the camera reads: U.S. Navy – Bur. Of Ord. Body Assem. G.S.A.P. Camera 16 MM. 24 Volts Spec No. 31136. M’F’R’S. DWG. No. C334-C1 Ser. No. 9417 Order No. LL91326 Inspector HIM [Naval Anchor symbol], Fairchild Aviation Corporation, N.Y. For camera assembly type identification see lens mount flange data.” Lens mounting flange reads: “12 Volt Camera Type M4. 24 Volt Camera Type N4.” Lens reads: “M’F’R’S Dwg No. B334-M4 Order No. LL-91326 Inspector E.K. [naval anchor] Fairchild Aviation Corp. U.S. Navy – Bur of Ord. Lens Assy. 35 MM Plain Spec. No. 31157 Serial No. 42-14585.” Painted in red on base is “4543”. Camera has been modified for apparent manual use and has spare cards for exterior of case. Spare components included are probably solenoid for gun camera use. An aluminium plate is also included which, when mounted to lens flange, would show position of various f-stop settings.


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