Flying Goggles

Ref. No. 1207. ROYAL FLYING CORPS FLYING GOGGLES. Has stamp on side in gold with TSG and "Triple Safety Glass" plus the words “Aero Mask”. On the metal bridge is the word Patent and the date "August 1917". The same type of goggles are on display with the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre, where most of the artefacts are owned by Peter Jackson.

Ref. No. 200b. WORLD WAR I MK I TYPE GOGGLES. Circa 1915. Amber lenses, steel frames, grey leather side straps.  MK I  goggles were popular post-war by motorcyclists and people driving open cars.
Ref. No. 2. FLYING GOGGLES, circa 1917,  flat glass with steel frames, brown wool and cotton surrounds, leather centre roughly stitched, light elastic strap.  Previously owned by John Spencer Templeton, a pilot who flew Caudrons in the Canterbury Aviation Company based at Wigram Aerodrome during WWI.
Ref. No. 34. FLYING GOGGLES. MARK IIIA. Circa 1940. Black painted frames with brown strap. Left strap wired to frame. Black nose piece. Writing on back "STOKES MARK 111A".  This type of goggle was used during the Battle of Britain.
Ref. No. 5. FLYING GOGGLES MARK IIIA, 658113/37 226/62, 1937. Perspex lenses, ram air vents, exhaust vents, felt backing, black painted brass frames, centre hinge, leather nose cover, elastic and leather head strap. Previously owned by JJ OHara.

Ref. No. 1179. JAPANESE FLYING GOGGLES. Manufactured by Nakata in Japan.

Ref. No. 40. MARK VIII GOGGLES. Circa 1940. Glass lenses with tint. Brass frames painted dark grey. No markings. Previously owned by E. Hepworth  who was in the RAF in the 1950's.

Ref. No. 138. AMERICAN FLYING GOGGLES. Circa 1940. Glass lenses. Air vents. Elastic head band. Frames possibly aluminium. On bridge is printed "AN6530" and on bottom left frame is "Patented. The Chas. Fischer Spring Co. Brooklyn. N.Y."  Reputed to be owned by a B-17 pilot.

Ref. No. 94. SPECTACLES MK11 22C/1370 LARGE, Air Ministry. Previously owned by Charles Kelly, who flew in the RAF Pathfinders. In metal case and grey nylon cover slip. Silver frames, round lenses. "Hadley" stamped in inside of frame.
Ref. No. 154. AIRCREW SPECTACLES MARK VIII. Circa 1940. Stainless steel frames. Round lenses. Bridge has "B.A.O." stamped on it. Flexible half round ear fittings, one slighty damaged. Glasses are complete in metal cloth covered box marked "Stores Ref. 22C/1072 Spectacles Mark VIII Aircrew Anti-Glare Medium 8788". Glasses previously owned by F/Lt Len Mitchell who flew Corsairs and was an instructor in the RNZAF. A photo of him appears on page 223 of "Too Young To Die" and a short biography appears on page 273. Among other positions he was CO Central Flying School Wigram, part of VIP Flight at Rongotai, instructed at South Canterbury Aero Club, was a Flight Testing Officer for CAD, and was the first to drop rabbit poison in the Mackenzie.

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