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Ref. No. 498. Bf109 KIENZLE GERMAN AIRCRAFT CLOCK. Circa 1940s. Plate on rear reads “Borduhr Gerat-Nr 127D550A-1 Werk No.3926Y Anforderz FL23886-1.” On back of mechanism is “8 Tage 10 Steine” with jewelers mark “M475”. On inside of rear case is “BAL137” in red and “Mahle” in casting.   Clock swings out from casing (hinged on left) so that it can be wound by rear knob.  Rare.
Ref. No. 208. WWII JAPANESE AIRCRAFT CLOCK. Probably 1943. Possibly out of an aircraft like the Dinah (KI-46III) or Ki-100 fighter. Instrument panels of these aircraft illustrated in “Cockpit” by Donald Nijboer show holes in the panel that match the clocks shape. Clock could have been souvenired in Pacific.  Plate on top has faded kanji and stamped numbers “6465” and “17” and “12”. The 12-Shi of the Japanese calendar (twelfth year of the Showa reign) would put the clock manufactured date at 1938 if the “12” figure was used or 1943 if the “17” number relates to the year. Kanji also on face in luminous paint as well as engraved/etched/stamped. Luminous numbers from one to 12. Face has two “bugs”, one red, the other blue. Blue bug moved by bezel and blue pushes red around to set. Dial diameter 55mm. Interior of clock is stainless steel and bears the name “SEIKOSHA” and “7 JEWELS”. Inside the aluminium case is stamped 0203 and this number is also on the inside of the exterior back cover plate. There is also kanji handwritten on the outside of the back cover plate. Also on the back cover plate is written, in very small letters “JLM222” and, on the inside, an unusual symbol with numerals “217102”. Very rare.
Ref. No. 47. EIGHT DAY ELGIN CLOCK FROM P-40. Circa 1940s. Black. Luminous dial. Second hand. "AN.12" inscribed on rear.  This type of clock was commonly used in RNZAF Curtiss P-40 operating in the Pacific Theatre WWII.
Ref. No. 701. AIR MINISTRY 8-DAY CLOCK. 1941.  On rear reads “AM 106/332 572/41.” Adjustment knob at bottom.  Good working condition.  No marks on face.  Centre winding.
Ref. No. 934. ELGIN 8-DAY CLOCK. 1942. Rear plate reads “Order No. AC-28071. M’f’r’s Part No. 1776. Spec. No. 94-27970. Ser. No. AC42-12298. Elgin Nat’. WatchCo.” 
Ref. No. 990. 1942 ELGIN 8-DAY CLOCK.  Rear plate reads: “Order No. AC-26186 Mfr’s Part No. 1776 Spec. No. 94-27970 Ser. No. AC4258776 Elgin Nat’l Watch Co."
Ref No. 496. MKII D AIR MINISTRY AIRCRAFT CLOCK. 1941. 8 day. Ref. No. 6A/1150. Serial No. 8041/41. Features second hand and two setting tags that are mounted through a hole in the glass dial.  Type used in Spitfires.
Ref. No. 157. MK IIB AIRCRAFT CLOCK. 1943. 8 day. On dial is written "8 day Mk IIB ER 6A/1072 7584/43." Working condition. Details on rear of clock have been removed and one mounting hole is partly broken.
Ref. No. 156. US NAVY AIRCRAFT CLOCK. Circa 1940. 24 hour. 8 day. Waltham. Working condition. Used in Corsair fighters. Photograph of this type of clock is also shown in a Ventura bomber in "A Long Patrol" pg 50. Also shown in F6 Hellcat, pg 174 “Complete book of Coclpits” by Don Dwiggins.  Rare.
Ref. No. 884.  WALTHAM TYPE A-13A-I 8-DAY USAF CLOCK.  Circa 1960/70s. Metal Case.  Two main hands, second hand and elasped time hand.  Bottom left hand knob used for winding and adjusting time.  Top right hand used to start/stop and reset timer hand. Type fitted to A-4 Skyhawks, F-86 Sabre and other military jets.  Includes both knobs.  It is believed that this clock was removed from an RNZAF Skyhawk pre the Project Kahu upgrade.

Ref. No. 495. AIR MINISTRY MK III STOPWATCH. 1939. Silver with white face. Working condition. Stamped on rear with crown and AM plus stores ref. no. “6B/117” and serial no. “3693/39”. Shown in “Luftwaffe VS. RAF - Flying Equipment of the Air War, 1939-45” by Mick J. Prodger. Item used by navigators on larger aircraft as an alternative to the wristwatch.

CITIZEN PILOT'S WATCH. Produced 1980s.  Back data "Citizen Watch Co. Water resist. Base Metal BT. 8945-087631 Y 9010277 30-0934 GN-4-S Japan."  Functions include analogue and digital time, digital timer, digital stop watch with split time, digital alarm, 24-hour time, VFR/IFR flight levels (east-west), circular slide rule/computer with conversions for nautical miles, statute miles and kilometres.

CITIZEN SKYHAWK ECO-DRIVE PILOT'S CHRONOGRAPH WORLD TIME MODEL JR3060-59E.   The Titanium case and bracelet make this large chronograph very lightweight yet its stronger than stainless.  Chronograph has instant world time in 30 cities. Three alarms, stop watch and countdown timer. Slide rule bezel for flight calculations.  The watch used "Eco-Drive" technology.  Sunlight and artificial light are absorbed through the crystal and dial. A solar cell beneath the dial converts any form of light into electrical energy to power the watch. With regular exposure to light, Eco-Drive continuously recharges itself for a lifetime of use. Eco-Drive's revolutionary lithium-ion rechargeable battery stores enough energy to power the watch for four years.  Features include:


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