Virtual Museum - Rare Books and Books Pre-1945

BOOKS PREVIOUSLY OWNED BY AIR CHIEF MARSHALL SIR KEITH PARK, GCB, KBE, MC, DFC, DCL, MA.  The three volumes are leather-bound presentation copies by THOMPSON H L, NEW ZEALANDERS WITH THE ROYAL AIR FORCE - NEW ZEALAND IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR 1939-45, 1953, War History Branch, Internal Affairs, R E Owen Govt Printer. The official history of New Zealander's with the RAF.   Park has written notes in Volume I on pages 75, 90, 91, 97, 101. The handwriting on these pages matches entries made in one of his log books.  The way he writes “G” for “Gibbs” is identical to the “G” written in his log book. Included with the book are three press clippings, one dated December 11 1940 from the Daily Mail about Park meeting the King at Buckingham Palace. Also included is a clipping (Herald? 1956) relating to the publication of Johnie Johnson’s book in 1956 called “Wing Leader” in which Johnson backs Park’s tactics in the Battle of Britain. The third clipping, with handwriting “Evening Standard 4/5/54” is about Park not being able to attend the unveilling of a memorial in Malta by the Queen.  The second and third clipping show browning consistent with smoke damage to the volume in which they were in.  All three volumes suffered smoke damage to spines (but all spines intact) as a result of a fire that occured in Sir Keith Park's son's house, in which the books were kept before being sold.
Newspaper clippings in Sir Keith Park's books, one dated 11/12/40 following Park's meeting with the King

Sir Keith Park's handwritten note that "Gibbs tried Wings!"  These notes were in response to the debate on whether Park's tactics or Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory's so-called "Big Wings" were appropriate in the Battle of Britain.  Most people backed Park's tactics in helping Britain win the battle.  Without this New Zealander's direction, the world could well have been a different place today!

SKYWAYS OF MAORILAND by HUGH GARDNER 1934, McKenzie Thornton Cooper Ltd, 160pp. illus., good cond. Foreword by Air Commodore Sir Charles Kingsford Smith.  A personal account of aeroclub flying.  This is arguably New Zealand's rarest aviation hard-back book.  Copies are normally priced at over NZ$200.00


ADAMS-RAY Edward, THE ANDREE DIARIES, 1931, John Lane the Bodley Head Ltd, 471pp, 103 illus, 6 maps, good cond. Diaries and records of SA Andree and Knut Fraenkel written during their balloon expedition to the North Pole in 1897 and discovered on White Island in 1930, together with a complete record of the expedition and discovery.

AEROPLANE, THE (Pub).  JAPANESE AEROPLANES AIRCRAFT IDENTIFICATION – PART FIVE FIRST IMPRESSION, February1943 (second edition), The Aeroplane, 65pp, illus., soft cover, some stains and small holes in front cover.  Cover 21 Imperial Japanese Naval Air Service and 21 Japanese Army Air Force aircraft types.  Details include dimensions, type and size of engine, weight, fuel capacity, performance, and includes narrative description with sillouette and other illustrations showing markings.  A rare, comprehensive and original identification booklet.

AIR DEPARTMENT, AIR PILOT VOL. 2. SOUTH PACIFIC AREA, SERVICE EDITION, 1944, Air Department, approx. 150pp, maps, in boards - bound with shoelace, very good condition. This is a rare publication (no.268) that was used by aircraft during WWII. Marked “confidential”, it includes maps, photos, locations and operating details of bomber and fighter strips in New Hebrides, New Caledonia, Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga Islands, Ellice Islands, Wallis Island, Norfolk Island & Cook Islands. Some photos are marked “secret”.

AIR MAIL SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND, THE AIR MAILS OF NEW ZEALAND – VOLUME ONE – THE INTERNAL FLIGHTS, 1955, The Air Mail Society of New Zealand Inc, 114 pp., hard cover with  illustration of NAC DC3 ZK-AQU Pihoihoi parked outside Christchurch terminal at Harewood.  Copy number 201.  Rare publication.  Good cond.  Covers air mails from pigeon post from Great Barrier Island in 1897 up to 1955.

AIR MINISTRY, AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING - A COMPLETE COURSE FOR GROUND ENGINEERS A, B, C, D & X LICENSES, 1934 (reprint 1935), New Era Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, approx 500pp, illus, spine lose.

AIR MINISTRY, AIR NAVIGATION - VOLUME ONE, 1944, His Majesty's Stationery Office, 308pp, Air Publication 1234, illus, diags, reas cond.

AIR MINISTRY, AIR NAVIGATION - VOLUME TWO, Allied Subject, Royal Air Force,1944, no pagation, Air Publication 1234B, illus, diags, reas cond, loose bound, ex New Zealand National Airways Corporation head office library, Copy Number 6.

AIR MINISTRY, BOMBER COMMAND, 1941, cover printed Harrison and Sons, text printed Whitefriars Press Ltd, issued for the Air Ministry by the Ministry of Information, 128pp, 91 illus, soft cover, spine tatty. Covers attacks on German Fleet, leaflet raids, Norway, Western Front, Italy, Mining the Coast, Battle of Atlantic, operations control, & damage in Germany.

AIR MINISTRY, COASTAL COMMAND, 1943, Sander Phillips & Co, issued for the Air Ministry by the Ministry of Information, 143pp, illus, soft cover, spine cover missing. Covers attacks attack of Bismark, plot of operations, men and the aircraft, fight for Norway, seeking raiders, attack on U-Boats, Condors, rescues, mines and torpedoes.

AIR MINISTRY, NOTICES TO AIRCRAFT OWNERS AND GROUND ENGINEERS 1920 - 1935, 1936, His Majesty's Stationery Office, 145pp, good cond.

AIR MINISTRY, PEGASUS II.M.2 & II.M.3 AERO-ENGINE, 1937, Air Publication 1451C Volume 1 3rd Edition March 1937, His Majesty’s Stationary Office, 411pp, illus., reas. cond.

AIR MINISTRY, ROYAL AIR FORCE FLYING TRAINING MANUAL - PART 1 - FLYING INSTRUCTION, 1934 (ammended to 1937), Air Publication 129, approx. 250pp, illus., poor cond. Stamped “Sold by H.M.Stationery Office” - presumably to RNZAF. Manual used at No. 1 EFTS RNZAF Taieri. It was No.37 in the Station Library. Inside cover is written “No.75 Davey.” There is a sketch on the rear and possible scores (card game?). If the book was owned by “Davey” of 75 Squadron, it must have been taken to Britain for his name to be recorded in the book. In “Forever Strong - The Story of 75 Squaadron RNZAF” by Norman Franks, the history of Sgt Pilot C.R.Davey is as follows; Pg 67 - Sergeant Davey ran out of fuel returning from Kiel and crash landed at Lakenheath, four crew injured. Pg 240 (in reference to pg 67) - crashed 13 October 1942, crew safe although four were injured and F/gnr Sgt Redhead, J.B. died on 19 October. Pg 78 - One aircraft failed to return - Sergeant C.R. Davey. Pg 223 (in reference to pg 78) - 8 March 1943, target Nuremberg, a/c Stirling I. BF437. ‘L’ Capt. Sgt Davey, C.R. (NZ) Killed. (six other crew also killed).

AIR MINISTRY, ROYAL AIR FORCE FLYING TRAINING MANUAL - PART 1 - LANDPLANES, 1937, Air Publication 129, approx. 250pp, 116 illus., reasonable cond. Amended by Phyllis Speller (Spelen?) 1939. Manual covers theory of flight, airmanship, basic flying, service flying, formation flying, airframes & engines.

AIR MINISTRY, ROYAL AIR FORCE PILOTS’ FLYING MANUAL - VOLUME ONE, 1949 (5th Edition), Air Publication 129, approx. 250pp, illus., reasonable cond. Amended by E G Connor. Manual covers principles of flight, engines, construction, range and endurance, servicing, captaincy, physiological considerations, flight instruments, engine and ancillary instruments, regulations, ground handling, manoeuvres, instrument flight, radio aids, weather, weapons, weight and balance, carrier operations, glider and target towing, formation flying, clothing, safety equipment, survival, and rescue. This publication was previously in the Wigram Library. Note that no Volume Two was published.

AIR MINISTRY, TARGET:GERMANY (British edition), 1944, His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 120pp, illus., good cond. The U.S. Army Air Forces’ official story of the VIII Bomber Command’s first year over Europe.

AIR MINISTRY, THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN, Circa 1942, His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 33pp, illus, no covers, reas.cond. An Air Ministry Account of the Great Days from 8 August - 31 October 1940.

AIR TRAINING CORPS CHRISTCHURCH WING, THE OBSERVER, 1943 - 1944, 20-28pp, illus., soft cover. Includes the following volumes; April-May 1943, May-June 1943, June-July 1943, Vol 2 No 2, Vol 2 No 3 (two copies), Vol 2 No 4 (two copies), Vol 2 No 5, Vol 2 No 6 (two copies).

AIR TRAINING CORPS NEW ZEALAND, THE ATC OBSERVER, 1944 - 45, 28-32pp, illus., soft cover. Includes the following volumes; Vol 1 No 1 July 1944 (volume/issue number and date bear no relation to following volumes), Vol 3 No 2 August 1944, Vol 3 No 3 September 1944, Vol 3 No 4 October 1944, Vol 3 No 5 Nov-Dec 1944, Vol 3 No 6 Jan-Feb 1945, Vol 3 No 7 march 1945.

ASHWELL-COOKE J.R., MOTORLESS FLIGHT, 1932, John Hamilton, 149pp., illus., no d.j., good cond., spine faded. Written by Founder and Chairman of London Gliding Club. Covers the English gliding movement, tuition, construction, repair and maintenance, automobile and aeroplane towing, aerodynamics and meteorology.

"AVION", THE WAY TO FLY - AN INTRODUCTION TO FLIGHT FOR BEGINNERS, 1919, C Arthur Pearson Ltd, 156pp, 8 plates, 63 diags, good cond but faded, originally owned by R L Wigley (who started Mt Cook Co), then Gordon Shaw. Rare and historic book. Includes groundwork, instruction, how to land, engine handling, cross country flying, stunting and night flying.

BATTEN Jean, SOLO FLIGHT, 1934, Jackson & O'Sullivan, 215pp, illus, facsimile of log, excel cond. Jean Batten's solo flight from London to Sydney.

BATTEN Jean, MY LIFE, 1938, George Harrap, 304pp, 31 illus, good cond. Autobiography. Covers record flights.

BARRINGER Lewin B, FLIGHT WITHOUT POWER, 1940 (1943), 221pp, illus, good cond, tatty dj. The art of gliding and soaring. Covers history, aerodynamics, met, design, construction, launching methods, instruments, training, soaring technique, transport gliders.

BEAUMONT R A (Ed), AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING - A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR EVERYONE CONNECTED WITH THE AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY, n.d. (1942?), Odhams Press, 512pp, over 800 illus and diags, reas cond, tatty d.j. Contents include all aspects of engines, airscrews, instruments, airframes, undercarriage and repair of flying-boats. Major detail given to Gypsy Major engines.

BISHOP D O, FLIGHT AND AIRFRAMES FOR THE AIRCRAFT FITTER, 1943, Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, 194pp, illus, spine slightly damaged. Covers how an aircraft flies, balance and trim, stability, airscrew, framesworks, forces acting on airframe, structures, hydraulics and aircraft materials. Includes detailed drawings of Hurricane, ME109, Aircobra, Beaufighter, Wellington, Tomahawk and Spitfire.

BRADBROOKE F D, THE LIGHT AEROPLANE MANUAL, 1931, Chapman & Hall, 251pp, numerous photos and drawings, a rare book in mint cond. Chapters include design of wings, fuselage, undercarriage, engines, airscrews and instruments. Other chapters include pilotage, learning to fly, documents, sport flying, amateur racing and the Schneider Trophy contest.

BRIDGEMAN Leonard, AIRCRAFT OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE, 1939, Sampson Low Marston & Co Ltd, 158pp., illus.  Bridgeman was the editor of Jane’s All The World’s Aircraft and this book is like a small Jane’s with similar advertising.  This book was the fourth edition of the publication with the foreword written on 21 March 1939 (pre WWII).  A total of 87 aircraft manufactured in the British Empire are descibed and illustrated with 71 three-view profiles and 69 photographs.  A rare publication.

BRIDGEMAN Leonard, AIRCRAFT OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE, 1940, Sampson Low Marston & Co Ltd, 138pp., illus.  Bridgeman was the editor of Jane’s All The World’s Aircraft and this book is like a small Jane’s with similar advertising.  This book was the fifth edition of the publication with the foreword written on 1 June 1940 (nine months after WWII started).  Book has 63 photographs, 64 general arrangement drwings and revised data.  A rare publication.

BRIDGEMAN Leonard (Ed), JANE’S ALL THE WORLD’S AIRCRAFT 1940, Published March 1941, Sampson Low, over 600pp, illus., good cond. This classic reference book is in four sections – advertising (141 pages), historical service aviation (106 pages) , historical civil aviation (58 pages), all the world’s aeroplanes (231 pages), and all the World’s engines (68 pages).

BRIDGEMAN Leonard (Ed), JANE’S ALL THE WORLD’S AIRCRAFT 1941, Issued June 1942, Sampson Low, over 551pp, illus., good cond. This classic reference book is in five sections – advertising (102 pages), historical service aviation (78 pages) , historical civil aviation (74 pages), all the world’s aeroplanes (233 pages), and all the World’s engines (64 pages).

BRIDGEMAN Leonard (Ed), JANE’S ALL THE WORLD’S AIRCRAFT 1942, Issued June 1943, Sampson Low, over 534pp, illus., good cond. This classic reference book is in six sections – advertising (81 pages), historical service aviation (65 pages) , historical civil aviation (73 pages), all the world’s aeroplanes (248 pages), all the World’s engines (65 pages), and all the world’s airships (2 pages).

BRIDGEMAN Leonard (Ed), JANE’S ALL THE WORLD’S AIRCRAFT 1945/46, Issued February 1946, Sampson Low, over 682pp, illus., good cond. This classic reference book is in five sections – advertising (146 pages), historical service aviation (74 pages) , historical civil aviation (53 pages), all the world’s aeroplanes (315 pages), and all the World’s engines (94 pages).

BRIDGEMAN Leonard (Ed), JANE’S ALL THE WORLD’S AIRCRAFT 1948, 1948, Sampson Low, approx. 600pp, illus., good cond., no d.j. This classic reference book in in four sections - advertising, airforces and civil aviation, all the world’s aeroplanes and engines. Book formerly “supplied for the public service” and used aboard HMS Anson and, on 26 Jan 1951, HMS Lochmore.

BRIDGES T C, THE SKY RIDERS, 1920 (1924), George G Harrap & Co, 249pp, illus. Fiction. The stirring tale of adventure round the world.

BRIMM Daniel J., & BOGGESS H. Edward, AIRCRAFT ENGINE MAINTENANCE, 1939, Pitman, 470pp, illus., good cond., ex-lib. Contents include theory, types, construction, tools, servicing, carburetors, fuel systems, lubrication, elementary electricity, ignition, starters and generators, instruments, propellers, periodic check, power plant installation, top overhaul, trouble shooting, fuels and oils, tables, engine specifications.

BURGE C G, ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF AVIATION, 1935?, Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, 641pp, illus, good cond, previously owned by J J Ohara RNZAF.

BURNEY Sir Charles Dennistoun, THE WORLD, THE AIR AND THE FUTURE, 1929, Alfred Knoph, 356pp, 31 illus of R100. Air transport, Britain's air defence, airships, R100, comparison of lighter ad heavier than air. Includes chapter by Neville Norway (Shute)

BYRD Richard E, SKYWARD, 1928 March (Feb 1929 8th impr), G P Putnam's Sons, 359pp, 47 illus, good cond. Includes Byrd's training, flight to the North Pole and flight across the Atlantic in "America".

BYRD Richard E, LITTLE AMERICA, 1930 (3rd impr Dec), G P Putnam & Sons, 422pp, illus, no dj, good cond. Aerial exploration in the Antarctic and the flight to the South Pole.

Canterbury International Air Race Council, THE INTERNATIONAL AIR RACE – ACROSS THE WORLD ENGLAND TO NEW ZEALAND OCTOBER 1953 – OFFICIAL SOUVENIR PROGRAMME, 1953, Canterbury International Air Race Council, 52pp., illus., soft cover, booklet good condition and in stained gold embossed leather folder.  This presentation copy was owned by Noel Davis, Vice Chairman (of what is not known).  The folder also contains a large publicity photo of Queen Elizabeth with “948” stamped on the back.

CATHCART-JONES Owen, AVIATION MEMOIRS, 1934, Hutchinson & Co, 265pp, 48 illus, faded covers, slight damage to spine. Inclues naval flying at Netheravon, Leuchars and Mediterranean plus deck flying off HMS Hermes. Civil flying includes flights in Africa plus the MacRobertson Air Race to Australia which he came third in the speed section flying a DH Comet.

CAUDWELL O., AERO ENGINES FOR PILOTS AND GROUND ENGINEERS, 1942, Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, 114pp, illus., no d.j. cover faded. This book covers four-stroke cycle, engine types and firing sequences, engine components, lubrication of aero engines, carburettors, supercharging, magnetos and sparking plugs. Includes fold-out illustration of Napier “Dagger” engine.

CAUNTER C.F., LIGHT AERO ENGINES, 1930, Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, 288pp., illus., cover stained and slight damage to spine, otherwise good. A practical manual describing the chirf types of light aero engines, and giving instructions for their maintenance. Hundreds of photos and illustrations.

CHICHESTER Francis, SEAPLANE SOLO, 1933 (1st ed), Faber and Faber, 314pp, 8 illus, one map, good cond. An account of Chichester's first east-west flight across the Tasman in a single-engined aeroplane via Norfolk and Lord Howe Island. Previously owned by Wellington Aero Club.

CHICHESTER Francis, RIDE ON THE WIND, 1936, Hamish Hamilton, 285pp, 13 illus, 1 map, good cond. First edition copy of Chichester's flight from Sydney to Japan including crash.

CHICHESTER Francis, ALONE OVER THE TASMAN SEA, 1933 (1945), George Allen & Unwin, 314pp, 23 illus, maps. First east-west flight across the Tasman in a single-engined aeroplane.

CLAXTON William J, THE MASTERY OF THE AIR, 1914 (1918 5th ed), Blackie and Son, 248pp, 24 plates, good cond. Chapters include ballooning, the parachute, airships, early aeroplanes, Wright brothers, Bleriot, Farman, first crossing of the Atlantic, RAF, scientific discovery, meteorology.

CLAXTON William J, THE MASTERY OF THE AIR, 1920 (1st ed), Blackie and Son, 248pp, 24 plates, spotted, damaged spine. Chapters include ballooning, the parachute, airships, early aeroplanes, Wright brothers, Bleriot, Farman, first crossing of the Atlantic, RAF, scientific discovery, meteorology.

COBHAM Sir Alan, AUSTRALIA AND BACK, 1927, A & C Black, 124pp, illus, good cond. Conham's flight June 30 to October 1 1926 from London to Sydney and Melbourne.

COBHAM Sir Alan, TWENTY THOUSAND MILES IN A FLYING BOAT, 1930 (1934 4th ed), George G Harrap & Co, 250pp, 45 illus, map, good cond, stained spine. Covers Cobham's flight aroound Africa by flying boat.

COLSTON SHEPHERD E, GREAT FLIGHTS, 1939, Adam & Charles Black, 232pp, illus, dj, good cond. Includes first flight to Australia with Ross Smith, Alcock and Brown first across the Atlantic, R34 first airship across the Atlantic, the Marquis de Pinedo seaplane flight, Lindbergh across the Atlantic, Hinkler from England to Australia, Amy Johnson to Australia, Wilkens over the Arctic, Kingsford-Smith across the Pacific, Mt Everest flight, Post and Gatty around the world, Amelia Earhearts last flight.

CUNNINGHAM G H, MAC'S MEMOIRS, 1937, 160pp, 15 illus, good cond. The flying life of Squadron Leader McGregor, RFC, Melbourne Air Race, pioneer flying in new Zeland, development of commercial aviation.

DALLAS Brett R, THE HISTORY OF BRITISH AVIATION 1908 - 1914, n.d.(1930's), Aviation Book Club, two volumes, 216 & 207pp, 29 & 35 photos, good cond, faded d.j.

DARBY Charles, PACIFIC AIRCRAFT WRECKS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM, 1979, Kookaburra Technical Publications, 80pp, illus., d.j. Includes fact and fiction, a pictorial survey, area map, colour plates and table of aircraft found.

DAVIS B G (ed), POPULAR AVIATION VOL XVII SEPTEMBER 1935 Number 3, 1935, William B Ziff, 139 -202 pp, illus, good cond, magazine.

DEAN H R, THE ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIR FORCE IN SOUTH-EAST ASIA 1941-42, 1952, War History Branch Department of Internal Affairs, 33pp, illus, soft cover, some foxing. Covers opposing the Japanese Landings, Fighter Operations and Operations over Burma.

DE HAVILLAND, HANDBOOK FOR THE DE HAVILLAND HYDROMATIC PROPELLER AND CONSTANT SPEED CONTROL UNIT, 1941 (2nd ed 1943), De Havilland, 151pp, illus, spine damaged. Handbook gives full details on components, operation, installation, running, overhaul, re-assembly, balancing and testing of propeller amd comstant speed unit.

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE (CIVIL AVIATION BRANCH), THE AIR PILOT NEW ZEALAND - IST EDITION, 1936, approx. 200pp, screw bound with boards, good cond. This rare first edition copy of The Air Pilot gives details on air routes, maps, signals, aerodrome markings and individual aerodrome maps and date for airfields in New Zealand during 1936.

DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION (Pub), THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN – AN AIR MINISTRY ACCOUNT OF THE GREAT DAYS FROM 8TH AUGUST – 31ST OCTOBER 1940, 1941, Department of Information in conjunction with the British Ministry of Information, 31pp, soft cover.

DIXON Charles, AMY JOHNSON - LONE GIRL FLYER, 1938, Sampson Low, 151pp, illus. Account of Amy Johnson's England - Australia flight.

FELLOWES P F M, FIRST OVER EVEREST, 1933 (1935), John Lane the Bodley Head, 279pp, illus, light spotting, no d.j., inscrib. An account of the Houston-Mount Everest expedition with full photographic coverage of the flight.

FOKKER Anthony H G, FLYING DUTCHMAN - THE LIFE OF ANTHONY FOKKER, George Routledge, 1931 (1932), 302pp, 26 illus. Autobiography of Fokker. Includes training, aircraft flown and designed.

GARDNER Charles, SKY-RIDERS, 1939, Collins, 339pp, heavily illustrated, good cond. Chapters cover RAF, pioneer airmen, aces of WW1, trans-Atlantic flights, long-distance flights, Sir Alan Cobham flights, Lindbergh, Earhart, Smithy, Mollisons, Schneider Cup, Polar flyers, everest flyers, Piccard, gliding.
GEELEN Janic, THE TOPDRESSERS, 1983, NZ Aviation Press, 367pp, fullly illus in b/w and colour, d.j. a bit tatty otherwise good cond., signed by author. Book no. 334 of limited ed. of 700. Rare. The most comprehensive book published on aerial topdressing in New Zealand.

GENERAL DYNAMICS, GENERAL DYNAMICS F-16C ADVANCED MULTIROLE FIGHTER FOR THE ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIRFORCE, 1983, General Dynamics – Fort Worth Division, 124 sheets of A4R  (printed single-side), illus., soft cover, spiral bound, good cond.  This 124 page A4R publication was produced especially for the RNZAF by General Dynamics when the RNZAF were considering purchasing the type in the 1980s.  As such, this is a rare document, as it was not intended for public release.  Inside the title page it states: “Public disclosure is prohibited without the express consent of the General Dynamics Corporation.”

GILLESPIE Oliver A., THE PACIFIC – THE OFFICIAL HISTORY OF NEW ZEALAND IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR 1939–45, 1952, War History Branch Department of Internal Affairs, 395pp., illus., maps, no d.j., slight damage to spine.  Chapters cover the Fiji Garrison, Problems of Command and Employment, Back to the Pacific, Three Island Actions, The End of a Division, The Battle for the Solomons, The Coastwatchers, Navy and Air Force, Fiji Units in Action, the Smaller Garrisons, Occupation in Japan and Reflections.  This book is now very rare hardly ever comes up for sale in second-hand bookshops.  Internet price during June 2002 was US$192.00.

GOLDING Harry, THE WONDER BOOK OF AIRCRAFT, 1921(?) 4th ed, Ward Lock & Co, 256pp, twelve colour plates, over 200 illus. First Atlantic flights, R34, commercial and pleasure flying, new aeroplanes, airliners, aerodynamics, RAF, airships and balloons, air routes, parachutes, instruments.

GOLDING Harry, THE WONDER BOOK OF AIRCRAFT, 1931 7th ed, Ward Lock & Co, 256pp, twelve colour plates, over 250 illus. Croydon Air Station, life in the RAF, aerobatics, parachutes, airships, wireless, how to make a model, "slip-coaches" of the air, pilotless planes, etc.

HADDON J.D., A SIMPLE STUDY OF FLIGHT, 1944 (3rd ed), Pitman, 104pp, illus., no photos, tatty spine otherwise good. Covers air resistance, the aeroplane, control, stability, airscrew. Owned ans signed by Flying Officer K. Fea, RAF, Waddington.

HALLIBURTON Richard, THE FLYING CARPET, 1933 (1938), geoffrey Bles, 352pp, 14 illus. Flight in biplane to Timbuctoo and Teheran and through India to Phillipines.

HAMMERTON Sir John (ed), WAR IN THE AIR, AERIAL WONDERS OF OUR TIME, 1938(?), The Amalgamated Press, 804pp, over 1500 photographs. A very full cover of aviation from ballooning and airships through to distance, speed and endurance records plus WW1. Bound in blue and silver. Very good cond. Rare.

HARPER Harry, THE ROMANCE OF A MODERN AIRWAY, 1934(?), Sampson Low, Marston & Cp, 241pp, illus. A history and look at passenger flying, esp the London Air Station (Croydon).

HAWKS Ellison, THE WAR IN THE AIR - BOMBERS, 1944, Real Photographs Co Ltd, 104pp, illus., no d.j., one page loose, one page partially cut. A wartime publication of 25 British, American and German bomber aircraft including photographs, leading details and descriptions for observers.

HAWTON Hector, NIGHT BOMBING, 1944, Thomas Nelson and Sons., 164pp., illus., diags., no d.j.Chapters cover fact and fiction, bombers action, the Luftwaffe, the RAF prepares, types of attack, anti-aircraft defence, night fighter defence, the great offensive, asessing the damage, amd the final objective.

HENDERSON Lt.-Col. G L P, A COMPLETE COURSE OF PRACTICAL FLYING, 1930 (1933 3rd ed), John Hamilton, 255pp, 15 illus, good cond. Covers all aspects of basic flying and instruction. Signed by Sgt pilot J J Ohara, London 1939 (ex RNZAF).

HEWITT C W, AN ELEMENTARY COURSE OF AIR NAVIGATION, 1935, John Hamilton Ltd, 127pp, 18 illus, contains list of publications Autumn 1935 plus flier for 'Wings' magazine, no d.j.. Covers maps, magnetism, compasses, drift, radius of action, calculators, etc.

IMMELMANN Franz, IMMELMANN “THE EAGLE OF LILLE”, 1936 (1st ed), John Hamilton, 223pp, illus., no d.j., good cond.. A classic in aviation literature, this is the story of Max Immelman, WWI fighter pilot who the “Immelmann Turn” is named after.

JACKSON Francis, AIRGUNNER, 1944, A.H. & A.W. Reed, Wellington, 164pp, illus, good cond., faded spine, soft cover. The Adventures of a New Zealand Airman in the RAF.

JACKSON G G, MODERN AIRCRAFT, 1931 (reprint 1935), Collins, no pagation, illus, top spine damaged. Covers RAF, navy, sporting contests, airports, epic flights, British airwoman, Australia and air conquest and the future.

JACKSON G G, TWENTY-SIX FLYING STORIES, 1933?, Boys Own, 254pp, 5 illus. Ballooning, airships, Africa, seaplanes, Pacific, Atlantic and Australia.

JACKSON G G, THE GREAT BOOK OF AEROPLANES, 1931, MacKays Ltd, 128pp, illus. Balloons, first aeroplanes, seaplanes, gliders, airways and mailways, construction.

JENKS C F L, NEW ZEALAND MILITARY AIRCRAFT AND SERIAL NUMBERS, 1980, Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand, 32 pp., illus., soft cover, good cond. Publication No. 1 of the AHSNZ, this is an essential reference document for those wanting to trace the serial numbers (including post RNZAF identities) of NZ military aircraft.

JOHNSON Amy, SKY ROADS OF THE WORLD, 1939, W & R Chambers Ltd, 314pp, one illus, d.j., excell cond. Amy Johnson's first book desribing her epic flights.

JOHNSON Martin, OVER AFRICAN JUNGLES – A PEN AND CAMERA RECORD OF 60,000 MILES BY AEROPLANE OVER THE BIG GAME COUNTRY OF AFRICA, 1935, Harrap, 250 pp., 99 b/w photos, no. d.j., slight damage to bottom spine.  An interesting travel book of air safaris over Africa using two Sikorsky amphibians. – a S.38B (NC29V) and an S.39A (NC52V) Spirit of Africa

JORDANOFF Assen, THROUGH THE OVERCAST, 1938 (Dec 1940 4th reprint), 356pp, illus, $6.00. The weather and art of instrument flying.

KERMODE A C, MECHANICS OF FLIGHT, 1934 (2nd ed 1936 reprint), Pitman Publishing, 221pp, 32 illus, diagrams, mint cond. Principles of aerodynamics including the atmosphere, air resistance, aerofoils, stability and control, airscrew.

KINGSFORD A.R., NIGHT RAIDERS OF THE AIR, 1930, John Hamilton, 222pp, illus, no d.j., good cond. The experiences of a New Zealand night flying pilot who "raided Hunland on many dark nights during the War."

KINGSFORD-SMITH C E & ULM C T P, STORY OF "SOUTHERN CROSS" TRANS-PACIFIC FLIGHT 1928, 1928, Penlington & Somerville, 227pp, illus. First flight across the Pacific from Oakland to Brisbane.

KRONFELD Robert, KRONFELD ON GLIDING AND SOARING, 1932?, John hamilton, 379pp, 93 illus, 32 diags. The classic book on the history of motorless flight, soaring techniques, construction, meteorology and competitions up to 1932.

LESLEY Hubert G., AIRPLANE MAINTENANCE, 1940 (ninth printing 1949), John Wiley & Sons, 511pp., illus. with photos, drawings, diags. and charts, no d.j., good condition. This comprehensive and well illustrated book covers materials, processes, controls, hydraulics, electrical circuits, structural repairs, aircraft welding, de-icing equipment, instruments, fuel and oil systems, heating systems and vibration. Much of the illustrations relate to the DC3.

LINDBERGH Charles A, WE, 1928, Cornstalk, 320pp, 47 illus. The story of Lindbergh's life and of his Trans-Atlantic flight.

MACMILLAN Norman, FREELANCE PILOT, 1937, William Heinemann, 321pp, 55 illus. Freelance flying, Spain, London to Calcutta and Chittagong.

MASTERS David, ON THE WING, 1934 (1936), Eyre & Spottiswoode, 351pp, 15 illus. The pioneers of the flying age.

McCORMICK W H, THE MODERN BOOK OF AEROPLANES, 1936, Oxford University Press, 142pp, illus, no d.j. some spotting, inscr. Chapters include balloons, airships, famous flights, aeroplanes in the Great War, air races and airways. Good illustrations of aircraft and airships common in the 1930's.

MIGNET Henri, THE FLYING FLEA, 1934 (second reprint), Sampson Low, Marston & Co, 270pp, one photograph, line drawings, good cond, rare book. Translated from French. Name signed in ink on page 148 looks like J T Kuewslubb. Stamp on pg 265 "The Pou-de-ciel" League (NZ) Flying Flea Club P O Box 1563 Wellington, NZ. Gives full account of the development of the Flea, how to construct one and details on flying it. Construction details include diagrams and all measurements.

MINISTRY OF INFORMATION, FLEET AIR ARM, 1943, Ministry of Information, 128pp, illus., paperback, good cond. Prepared for the Admiralty, this wartime publication covers the rise of naval air power, the eyes of the fleet, torpedo and fighter aircraft and looks at when services combine.

MINISTRY OF INFORMATION, RAF MIDDLE EAST, 1945, Ministry of Information, 145pp., illus., soft cover, reas. cond. Prepared for the Air Ministry, this wartime publication covers is the official story of air operations in the Middle East from February 1942 until January 1943.

MITCHELL Alan W, NEW ZEALANDERS IN THE AIR WAR, 1945, George G Harrap & Co, 192pp, illus, d.j. tatty, previously owned by F/O Harold Halligan. Covers NZ squadrons amd famous pilots and crews.

MITTELHOLZER Walter, FLYING ADVENTURES, 1936, Blackie and Son, 201pp, illus. Flying in Arctic, first flight to Persia over Demavend, first seaplane flight over length of Africa, first aerial big game expedition to Central Africa and over Mts Kenya and Kilimanjaro, across Sahara, first direct flight to Abyssinia.

MOLLOY E (ed), AIR NAVIGATION (PART TWO), n.d., (1st ed 1942?), George Newnes, 132pp, 90 illus, good cond, d.j. Covers instruments, particularly compasses, calculators, drift sights, sextants, directional radio, gyros, approach beams and night flying.

MOLLOY E (ed), ENGINES, 1942, George Newnes, 124pp, 71 illus, good cond, previously owned by Lister Hadfield, Blenheim. Deals with the maintenance and repair of the Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah IX, the Tiger VIII and the Lynx IVC engines.

MOLLOY E (ed), AIRSCREWS, 1942 (2nd ed revised), George Newnes, 108pp, 60 illus, faded cover. Deals with Rotol and Curtiss airscrews, hydraulic and electrically operated types, with notes on operation and maintenance. Includes Merlin-Spitfire and Halifax.

MOLLOY E (ed), LANDING LEGS, WHEELS AND BRAKES, 1942, George Newnes, 132pp, 129 illus, damaged spine, previously owned by  F/Sgt A S Andrews, ITS, Blenheim, $5.00. Deals with the maintenance and repair of the Lockheed airdraulic oleo leg, the Vickers oleo-pneumatic shock absorber strut, the Turner oleo-pneumatic and pneumatic landing legs, and the Dowty oleo-pneumatic shock absorbers and tail-wheel units, Dunlop, Bendix, and Palmer brakes. Includes compression legs fitted to the Percival Vega Gull and DH Moth Minor.

MOLLOY E. (ed), THE LINK TRAINER, n.d. (poss. 1942), George Newnes, 132pp, illus. A comprehensive book on the installation, maintenance, and adjustment of the link trainer used for training of pilots in instrument flying. Book formerly owned by WAI L J Gillespie, Link Trainer Section, RNZAF Wigram.

MONKS Noel, FIGHTER SQUADRON – THE EPIC STORY OF TWO HURRICANE SQUADRONS IN FRANCE, 1941, Angus and Robertson, 242 pp., illus., no d.j., spine faded.  Covers Nos. 1 and 73 squadrons with detail and photos of New Zealander Cobber Kain.

NELSON Douglas H, GLOSSARY OF AERONAUTICAL TERMS, 1939?, George Newnes, 112pp, 236 drawings including german and Italian identification silhouettes.

NEW ZEALAND HOME GUARD HEADQUARTERS NO. 7 AREA NAPIER, NEW ZEALAND HOME GUARD MANUAL, 1941, 228pp., drawings, in boards, no d.j., browning of pages otherwise good condition, rare. This manual, approved by Major-General R Young, Dominion Commander, Home Guard, covers drill, small arms training, fieldcraft, mapping and reconnaissance, field engineering, signalling and messages, elementary tactics, transport, etc. There are some interesting entries on how to blow up railway lines, make Molotov Cocktails and disable tanks. Also describes what to do if attacked by aircraft.

NISBET James & Co (Publishers), HALF HOURS IN AIR AND SKY, 1899, 372pp, illus with lithographs, good cond, embossed balloon illus on cover in gold and blue. A book on atmospheric sciences which includes chapters on Lunardi's balloon ascent (first in England) plus altitude flight of Glaisher's.

NOBLE L M, SIR HENRY WIGRAM - A PIONEER OF AVIATION IN NEW ZEALAND, 1952, Whitcombe & Tombs, 145pp, illus, reas cond, tatty d.j., ex-RNZAF Te Rapa library (book No 1). The story of how one man succeeded in making the government and the people of New Zealand aware of the importance of aviation, both for defence and civil purposes.

OLLEY Gordon P, A MILLION MILES IN THE AIR, 1934, Hodder & Stoughton, 320pp, 16 illus. Stories from a famous British air transport pilot who clocked up 10,000 hours since 1915.

POST Wiley & GATTY Harold, AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHT DAYS, 1937, John Hamilton, 221pp, 15 illus. Fastest around the world flight from New York.

PRATT & WHITNEY AIRCRAFT, OVERHAUL MANUAL DOUBLE WASP A AND B SERIES ENGINES, July 1942, approx. 300 pp., illus., good cond. Double Wasp engines were fitted to Corsairs, DC6s, Venturas, Harpoons .

PRIDAY, H. E. L., THE WAR FROM COCONUT SQUARE, 1945, A. H. & A. W. Reed, 144pp., illus., soft cover, yellowing but good condition.  A rare publication on the defence of the island bases of the South Pacific.

PUTNAM Carleton, HIGH JOURNEY, 1945, Charles Scribner's sons, 308pp, good cond. A decade in the pilgrimage of an airline pioneer.

RICHEY Paul, FIGHTER PILOT, 1942 (1st ed), Angus and Robertson, 165pp, illus, d.j.. A personal record of the campaign in France September 8th 1939 to June 13th 1940. “No other book so honest, so brave, so vivid, so stirring has come out of the war. Every page has its thrill, its humour, its brilliant new light on the war in the air.

RILEY J., AIRCRAFT INSTRUMENTS - THEIR CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE FULLY ILLUSTRATED, Circa 1940, N.A.G. Press, 80pp, illus., soft cover. A publication produced by J Riley, Engineering Department of the S. Smith and Sons manufacturers. Includes photos of wartime instruments and diagrams on how they work.

RNZAF, RNZAF AIRCRAFT WORKERS MANUAL, 1941, RNZAF (printed by Whitcombe and Tombs Ltd), 168pp, illus and diags., soft cover. This rare publication was produced for the RNZAF by courtesy of Fletcher Aircraft. The manual covers fundementals of aircraft construction, aluminium and its alloys, aircraft steel, AC, AN 7 B Standard Parts, riveting and installation, tools, shop plain geometry, sketching and dimensioning, blueprint notes and glossary.

ROSS Squadron Leader J M S, ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIR FORCE - OFFICIAL HISTORY, NEW ZEALAND IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR 1939 -45, 1955, War History Branch, Dept Internal Affairs, 344pp, illus, maps, good cond. The official history of the RNZAF from 1919 through to end of WW2. Incudes training schools, Commonwealth Air Training Plan plus the Solomons campaign.

ROSS J M S, THE ASSAULT ON RABAUL - OPERATIONS OF THE ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIR FORCE DECEMBER 1943 - MAY 1944, 1949, War History Branch Department of Internal Affairs, 33pp, illus, soft cover, good cond. Covers fighter squadrons, protecting the bombers, bomber reconnaissance operations and fighter bombers.

ROYAL AERONAUTICAL SOCIETY, HANDBOOK OF AERONAUTICS Vol 1, 1931, (3rd ed revised 1937), New Era Publishing, 639pp, diags, illus, mint cond. Includes aerodynamics, performance, construction, materials, instruments, air survey and photography, meteorology, and the design and construction of gliders and sailplanes.

ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIR FORCE, CONTACT – NATIONAL MAGAZINE OF THE RNZAF, various issues, RNZAF, approx. 80 pages per ussue, illus., various prices. Copies got include:

SARGENT Eric, AIRCRAFT AND THE AIR, 1936 (2nd ed 1938), Sampson Low, Marston & Co, 674pp, illus, damaged spine, some torn pages, previously owned by F/O Harold Halligan RNZAF. Includes history of aviation, 206 photgraphs of popular aircraft with details on size, weight and performance, sections on airships, gliders, parachutes, engines (weights and HP), manufacturers, maps of major air routes (including NZ), major transport companies, records, historic flights, WW1 aircraft, history and future of RAF, aerobatics, and flying clubs. A very comprehensive book covering aviation in the 1930's.

SAUNDERS Hilary A St.George, RETURN AT DAWN, 1942, E V Paul Government Printer Wellington, 52pp (no pagation), illus, good cond, softcover booklet. The official story of the New Zealand Bomber Squadron of the RAF from June 1939 to July 1942.

SCOTT C W A, SCOTT'S BOOK - THE LIFE AND MILDENHALL - MELBOURNE FLIGHT OF C W A SCOTT, 1934, Hodder & Stoughton, 263pp, 16 photos, fold-out map at rear showing record flights, good condition.

SHEIL Beau, CAESAR OF THE SKIES, 1937, Cassell, 218pp, illus. Biography of Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith, WW1, Australia, Pacific and Tasman flights, Cofee Royal Affair, England-Australia records and last flight.

SIPLE Paul, SCOUT TO EXPLORER, 1936, G P Putnan's Sons, 239pp, 27 illus. Siples second trip to the Antarctic and Little America with the Byrd Expedition.

SMITH Sir Ross, 14,000 MILES THROUGH THE AIR, 1922, The MacMillan Company, 137pp., illus., no d.j., good cond., $60.00. A rare book that covers the first flight from England to Australia.

SPAIGHT J M, THE SKY'S THE LIMIT - A STUDY OF BRITISH AIR POWER, 1940 (1st ed), Hodder and Stoughton, 160pp, illus, biro and pen on covers, no d.j., faded spine. A WWII propoganda book showing latest photos of British aircraft and destruction of German aircraft.

STEWART Major Oliver, THE ROYAL AIR FORCE IN PICTURES, Sept 1941, County Life Limited, 144pp, illus., d.j tatty, top first page missing. This publication has photographs and text of most wartime aircraft and includes photographs of training. In addition to this, and just as interesting, are a good number of full-page wartime advertisements.

STRANGE L A, RECOLLECTIONS OF AN AIRMAN, 1933 (1935), John Hamilton, 224pp, 18 illus. Hendon, Cantral Flying School, WW1.

STROUD John, JAPANESE AIRCRAFT, 1945, Harborough Publishing, 64pp, illustrated with black and white photosgraphs, as well as colour illustrations and profiles.  This is a rare landscape format publication on account of its age, scarcity and use of colour.  Each aircraft is given a two-page spread with data (Japanese name, designation, performance data and history) and profile (plus photo) on left hand side and colour side-view (with “surveyors red and white pole” in one-foot increments to give scale) and three smaller colour illustrations on the right.  At start of book is a map of the Pacific War Zone and a list of islands throughout the Pacific and Japan.  Aircraft included with colour profiles are Oscar, Tojo, Tony, Zeke, Jill, Judy, Kate, Val, Nick, Betty, Dinah, Helen, Lily, Nell, Sally, Jake, Pete, Rufe, Emily, and Mavis.  A further 88 aeroplanes are covered with photos of silouette drawings. At rear of book are Japanese aeronautical terms, kana, numerals, navy model/type symbols, Japanese aee motos and bibliography.

TAYLOR P G, PACIFIC FLIGHT, 1935, Angus & Robertson, 262pp, 23 illus. The story of the Lady Southern Cross and the first west-east crossing of the Pacific with Kingsford-Smith.

TAYLOR P G, VH-UXX, 1937 (1st ed), Angus and Robertson, 298pp, illus, slightly damaged spine, stain on front pages. The story of an aircraft, the Faith in Australia.

TAYLOR P G, CALL TO THE WINDS, 1939 (1st ed), Angus and Robertson, 227pp, illus, no d.j., good cond, inscri. This is the story of the last air-mail flight for New Zealand of the Southern Cross, a brief reference to events which followed it, and the authors flights in a Gull for amusement, hire and reward.

TEMPLE PRESS LIMITED (Pub), THE AEROPLANE SPOTTER, 2 January 1941 to 10 July 1948, Temple Press, complete set of publications in nine binders, good condition. The Aeroplane Spotter ran for 217 issues in 9 volumes. Initially published weekly, but became fortnightly during late 1941, circa issue 50, due to newsprint shortages. Launched with official support just after the end of the London Blitz, this magazine quickly became the focus for all the aircraft enthusiasts in the UK. It's official function was to help improve the standard of aircraft recognition among civilian air defence volunteers, but it effectively launched the hobby of 'spotting'. It was also the first magazine to cover military serial number and civil registration changes. With 12 pages in each issue, it contains features, photos and silhouettes of the major aircraft types (both friend and foe), and news of the latest types. Naturally, some information was ommitted for security reasons, but generally this magazine was the best informed and best written of the war years. After the demise of the magazine, many 'spotters' set up their own organisations to carry on their interest - one of which was Air Britain. As this title was printed on ordinary newsprint paper, surviving copies experience a progressive discolouration of the pages and the edges often become browned.

THOMPSON H L, NEW ZEALANDERS WITH THE ROYAL AIR FORCE (Vol 1) - NEW ZEALAND IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR 1939-45, 1953, War History Branch, Internal Affairs, R E Owen Govt Printer, 408pp, illus, good cond. The official history of New Zealander's with the RAF.

THOMPSON H L, NEW ZEALANDERS WITH THE ROYAL AIR FORCE (Vol 2) - NEW ZEALAND IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR 1939-45, 1956, War History Branch, Internal Affairs, R E Owen Govt Printer, 484pp, illus, good cond. The official history of New Zealander's with the RAF.

THOMPSON H L, NEW ZEALANDERS WITH THE ROYAL AIR FORCE (Vol 3) - NEW ZEALAND IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR 1939-45, 1959, War History Branch, Internal Affairs, R E Owen Govt Printer, 410pp, illus, reas cond, no d.j.. The official history of New Zealander's with the RAF.

TROLLOPE Ramon K, TIGER COUNTRY - A CHRONOLOGY OF AN AERODROME AND RNZAF HAREWOOD PART ONE - THE TAKE-OVER, 1998, R K Trollope, 363pp, illus, dj, new. This chronology of the Harewood aerodrome and the RNZAF Station describes the decision to build a Municipal Airport for Christchurch, Galbraith Report, selection and development of the site, changes planned in the event of war, take over by the RNZAF, building the new station, establishment of the Elementary Flying Training School, recruit training school, No.3 General Reconnaissance Squadron, arrival of the WAAF, influence of Sir Robert Clark-Hall, Stationpersonnel, casualties and aircraft. Over 150 photographs plus illustrations, diagrams and maps enliven the stories as told by men and women who either served at Harewood or were associated with them.

TROLLOPE Ramon K, TIGER COUNTRY - A CHRONOLOGY OF AN AERODROME AND RNZAF HAREWOOD PART TWO - UP IN ARMS, 1998, R K Trollope, 309pp, illus, dj, new. This chronological story continues from December 1941 to December 1943 describing: Response to the invasion threat, No.3 GR Squadron on patrols, formation of the No.43 Light Bomber Squadron, Anti Aircraft Flight, assembly of Lockheed Hudson bombers and Kittyhawk fighters, Aerodrome Defence Unit, Dispered Camps, New C.O. Wing Commander Gordon Coull, flying fatalities, establishment of the No.3 Repair Depot, Station personnel and A/P Course Lists, casulaties.

TROLLOPE Ramon K, TIGER COUNTRY - A CHRONOLOGY OF AN AERODROME AND RNZAF HAREWOOD PART THREE - AIRMEN AND AIRCRAFT GALORE, 1998, R K Trollope, 289pp, illus, dj, new. The chronological trilogy concludes covering 1944, 1945, the closing in 1946, and the aftermath. Expanded flying and ground training courses, new emphasis on future single engine pilots, steady stream of Airpseed Oxford and Harvard aircraft through the No.3 Repair Depot, Air Training Corps Camps, Harvesting Units, two new Commanding Officers Wing Commanders EAA Moen, AFC, and RD Max, DSO, DFC, sporting and cultural activities, big snow of July 1945, VE and VJ Day celebrations, closing the station, begining of a new era, stationa personnel, A/P Course lists, price of victory.

VEALE S E, GUIDE TO FLYING - FIRST EDITION, 1942 (1st ed), Temple Press, 192pp, illus, reas cond, no d.j., rare. Contents include history of aeroplane, airframe, engines, airscrew, aerodynamics, at the controls, instruments, and navigation. Book is produced by The Aeroplane and includes many interesting adverts of the era. Many of the drawings are detailed and include fold-out drawings of such things as a Rolls Royce Merlin carburetter.

VIGILANT, RICHTHOFEN - THE RED KNIGHT OF THE AIR, 1936, John Hamilton, 285pp, illus. Story of the Red Baron.
WALKEY J R, THE AIRMAN'S GUIDE, Circa 1940, Pickering & Inglis, 160pp, illus. Religious guide to convert pilots to Christians. Foreworded by J R Walkey, Chaplain-in-Chief, RAF.

WAR DEPARTMENT, BASIC FIELD MANUAL - MILITARY INTELLIGENCE IDENTIFICATION OF U. S. GOVERNMENT AIRCRAFT, 1941, War Dept - Printed by United States Government Printing Office, 92pp, photographs and silouettes, reasonable condition, soft cover. This restricted document was published to identify US government aircraft.

WAR DEPARTMENT, FM 30-30 AIRCRAFT RECOGNITION PICTORIAL MANUAL, 1943, Training Division, Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Department, approx 100 pp, illus, soft cover, cover torn, edge of pages tatty. Cover reads “This document contains information effecting the National Defense of the United States, within the meaning of Espionage Act, 50 U.S.C., 31 and 32 as amended. Its transmission or the revelation of its contents in any manner to unauthorized person is prohibited by law.” Includes US Army, US Navy, UK, Reich, Japan & Italy. Rare item.

WEEMS P V H, AIR NAVIGATION BRITISH EMPIRE EDITION, 1942 (second ed), McGraw-Hill, 519pp, illus, good cond, ex Union Airways of NZ. Covers maps, charts, compass, dead reckoning, instruments, celestial, sextant.

WHITE Leo, FIGHTERS - RNZAF IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC, 1945 (1st impression), White’s Aviation, 48pp, illus, soft cover, rear page loose. The story of the RNZAF climbing the Solomon ladder in the South Pacific. Rare publication.

WILKINS George H, FLYING THE ARCTIC, 1928, G P Putnam's Sons, 336pp, 31 illus, good cond, no d.j., ex Wanganui Tech. Includes flights in Alaska and Spitsbergen.

WINCHESTER Clarence (ed), WONDERS OF WORLD AVIATION VOL 1, 1938(?), Amalgamated Press, 560pp, fully illustrated. Covers everything from aerobatics, through to personalities, races, flying boats, balloons, airships, aviation by country, soaring, engines, navigation, radio, airscrews, career flying, markings, mail, construction, armament, meteorology and more. A rare publication fully illustrating aviation in the late 1930's.

WINCHESTER Clarence (ed), WONDERS OF WORLD AVIATION VOL 2, 1938(?), Amalgamated Press, 528pp, fully illustrated. Covers everything from aerobatics, through to personalities, races, flying boats, balloons, airships, aviation by country, soaring, engines, navigation, radio, airscrews, career flying, markings, mail, construction, armament, meteorology and more. A rare publication fully illustrating aviation in the late 1930's.

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