WWII Official Information Booklets

AIR MINISTRY, COASTAL COMMAND, 1943, Sander Phillips & Co, issued for the Air Ministry by the Ministry of Information, 143pp, illus, soft cover, spine cover missing. Covers attacks attack of Bismark, plot of operations, men and the aircraft, fight for Norway, seeking raiders, attack on U-Boats, Condors, rescues, mines and torpedoes.
DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION (Pub), THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN – AN AIR MINISTRY ACCOUNT OF THE GREAT DAYS FROM 8TH AUGUST – 31ST OCTOBER 1940, 1941, Department of Information in conjunction with the British Ministry of Information, 31pp, soft cover.

AIR MINISTRY, THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN, Circa 1942, His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 33pp, illus, no covers, reas.cond. An Air Ministry Account of the Great Days from 8 August - 31 October 1940.
AIR MINISTRY, TARGET:GERMANY (British edition), 1944, His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 120pp, illus., good cond. The U.S. Army Air Forces’ official story of the VIII Bomber Command’s first year over Europe.
AIR MINISTRY, BOMBER COMMAND, 1941, cover printed Harrison and Sons, text printed Whitefriars Press Ltd, issued for the Air Ministry by the Ministry of Information, 128pp, 91 illus, soft cover, spine tatty. Covers attacks on German Fleet, leaflet raids, Norway, Western Front, Italy, Mining the Coast, Battle of Atlantic, operations control, & damage in Germany.

SAUNDERS Hilary A St.George, RETURN AT DAWN, 1942, E V Paul Government Printer Wellington, 52pp (no pagation), illus, good cond, softcover booklet. The official story of the New Zealand Bomber Squadron of the RAF from June 1939 to July 1942.
MINISTRY OF INFORMATION, RAF MIDDLE EAST, 1945, Ministry of Information, 145pp., illus., soft cover, reas. cond. Prepared for the Air Ministry, this wartime publication covers is the official story of air operations in the Middle East from February 1942 until January 1943.

MINISTRY OF INFORMATION, FLEET AIR ARM, 1943, Ministry of Information, 128pp, illus., paperback, good cond. Prepared for the Admiralty, this wartime publication covers the rise of naval air power, the eyes of the fleet, torpedo and fighter aircraft and looks at when services combine.

ROSS J M S, THE ASSAULT ON RABAUL - OPERATIONS OF THE ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIR FORCE DECEMBER 1943 - MAY 1944, 1949, War History Branch Department of Internal Affairs, 33pp, illus, soft cover, good cond. Covers fighter squadrons, protecting the bombers, bomber reconnaissance operations and fighter bombers.
DEAN H R, THE ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIR FORCE IN SOUTH-EAST ASIA 1941-42, 1952, War History Branch Department of Internal Affairs, 33pp, illus, soft cover, some foxing. Covers opposing the Japanese Landings, Fighter Operations and Operations over Burma.

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