Virtual Museum - SDB Dauntless Instruments and Parts

Ref. No. 951.  SBD DAUNTLESS AIRSPEED INDICATOR. 0 – 430 knots. On dial is “BU Aero US Navy. US Gauge Co. New York.” On rear plate is: “Contract No. No.a(s)441. F.S.S.C.No. 88-I-350 Mf’rs. Part No. AW-2 ¾-20-C U.S. Gauge Co,. N.Y. NP-9-AS.
Ref. No. 1109. ARMAMENT PANEL FROM SBD DAUNTLESS.  On left is the red oil dilution button with the red recognition lights button to the right and below. The four switches running across the top are the arming bomb selectors. From left to right they are the nose, tail, left and right. The lower position of the switches are the "safe position" and to arm they are pushed up. The firing selectors are under the larger red cover and have two switches marked off in the lower position or on in the upper position. The lower switches are for the lights recognition. From left to right, these are white, red, green and amber, with the right switch being the Key (down being "On"). For the four light switches, the central position is "Off", the down position is "Steady" and the upper position is "Signal". The function of the switch under the smaller red guard is not known. The armament panel was located on the right front cockpit wall.

Ref. No. 968.  DOUGLAS DAUNTLESS SBD-5 FUEL GAUGE. Gauge consists of four needles with L.H. and R.H. Main tanks totalling 75 gallons each and the L.H. and R.H. Auxiliary tanks totalling 52 gallons each. No rear tag. Apart from tank information, dial reads: “General Electric. Made in USA. N.P.99717”. 
Ref. No. 112g   SBD TURN AND SLIP INDICATOR. Pioneer. Type1723-2N-B1
Ref. No. 112e. SBD VERTICAL SPEED INDICATOR. Pioneer.  Back plate reads "Bk AN-5825-1 Mfr's Part No. 166-6A-B1 Contract AC-399 Serial No. AF-43 10291 Bendix Aviation Corporation Eclipse - Pioneer Division Teterboro, New Jersey USA"
Ref. No. 342. SBD MANIFOLD PRESSURE GAUGE. 1942. 10 - 75 range. “Contract No. AC-26944. Mfr’s Part No. 6748 157. Ser. No. AC-42 32565. Spec. No. 9427938-A Manning Maxwell & Moore, Bridgeport, Conn.”
Ref. No. 714. SBD RPM GAUGE. Circa 1940s. Jaeger Watch Co.

Ref. No. 329. SBD SPERRY ARTIFICIAL HORIZON. Circa 1940. Complete with adjustment knob. Part No. 645391. Serial No. A.C. 41-61978.

Ref. No. 654. SBD DIRECTION INDICATOR. Circa 1940. AN-5735-1 Mfrs Part No. 646050. Ser. No. AL43-732.

Ref. No. 171. SBD TYPE F-4 U. S. ARMY SUCTION GAUGE. Circa 1942. Rear plate reads “Contract No. AC-26944 Mf’r’s

Ref. No. 139. WWII BENDIX PANEL MOUNTED B-16 COMPASS. Circa 1943. Plate reads "Order No. AC-32752 Mfr's Part No. 1818-4-A Spec. No. 94-27807 Bendix Aviation Corporation, Pioneer Instrument Division, Bendix, New Jersey, U.S.A." Front plate reads "A.C.U.S. Army, Type B-16, Serial No. AF-43-11667". Engraved in white (an RAF Part No.) is 6B/1816. On rear of compass is written ACO/R/5/51. Compass painted black and is fitted with a light. Compass has small air bubble. 

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