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Ref. No. 931.  ORIGINAL CURTISS WARHAWK P-40N-1 INSTRUMENT PANEL.  The P-40N-1 series was the fastest production model P-40 ever built.  This was on account of a weight reduction programme.  One of the items to be trimmed was the instrument panel, which had the Artificial Horizon and Directional Gyro removed.  With these gone, there was no need for a suction instrument either and all three of these gauges were deleted from the panel (see above).  The RNZAF used this batch of aircraft in air-to-air combat over the Solomon Islands and New Guinea (see Chris Rudge's book Air-to-Air here for an account of these combats).  Without the blind flying instruments, the P-40N-1 wasn't popular with pilots, who found their usefulness on operations limited.  As a result,  the blind flying instruments were reinstated in the P-40N-25 block aircraft but the RNZAF were never issued with this variant. A sub-panel was located below the B-16 compass in the space shown (see above) and consisted of an oxygen pressure gauge and oxygen blinker.

ORIGINAL P-40E INSTRUMENT PANEL. This instrument panel came from an RCAF aircraft that was scrapped in Vulcan, Canada in 1946.   Most of the instruments shown here were with the panel when it was scrapped.   This instrumentation combination is mostly the same as was called for in the Curtiss technical drawings for the British-Commonwealth P-40E's.   Most of these instruments were manufacturered by Pioneer.  Notice the millibar altimeter, as used in British-Commonwealth aircraft.   D Collier

Ref. No. 899.  P-40 KITTYHAWK UNDERCARRIAGE INDICATOR.  Data plate reads “Indicator. Position.  Type A-3. Order No. AC-25808. Mfrs. Part No. Model 8DJ17AAL Sub 4. Serial No. AC42-428277. Spec. No. 27375. 24 volts. General Electric.”

P-40N WING FUEL TANK GAUGE:  87-44-536.    This fuel gauge design is typical for most P-40 models, the obvious difference between the various models being the fuel quantity amount given on the face of the gauge.  This gauge mounted on the top of the wing, which was the cockpit floor.  Attached to the backside is a  mechanical float that rides in a 12-inch-long tube which had a spiraled slot cut in it.   In the slot rode a tab that rotated the indicating needle around the face of the gauge.  D Collier
Ref. No. 952.  P-40 MANIFOLD PRESSURE GAUGE. On dial: “Manifold Pressure. Inches of Mercury. Kollsman 175CK-01-5249”. 

Ref. No. 1159. P-40 KITTYHAWK A20-3A PIONEER RPM INDICATOR. 0-3000 RPM. Plate on rear reads: “Type Number 2010-3A4-A4-3483. Pioneer instrument. Division of Bendix Aviation Corporation, Bendix, New Jersey, U.S.A." As fitted to early P-40s (see E pabnel above).
Ref. No. 329. KITTYHAWK SPERRY ARTIFICIAL HORIZON. Circa 1940. Complete with adjustment knob. Part No. 645391. Serial No. A.C. 41-61978.
Ref. No. 654. CURTISS P-40 KITTYHAWK DIRECTION INDICATOR. Circa 1940. AN-5735-1 Mfrs Part No. 646050. Ser. No. AL43-732.
Ref. No. 930.  P-40/P-51 KITTYHAWK/MUSTANG AIRSPEED INDICATOR. Plate on rear reads: “Type F-2 Serial No. AF43-15607. Spec. No. 94-27335. M’f’r’s. Part No. 586 BK-0142. Order No. AF-33186. Kollsman Instrument Division. Of Square Company Elmhust New York.
Ref. No. 344. KITTYHAWK TURN AND BANK INDICATOR. Pioneer. Type 1700-1A-C1-21C21.
Ref. No. 112f.  KITTYHAWK TURN INDICATOR. Bendix Aviation Corporation. 
*Ref. No. 95. CURTISS P-40 KITTYHAWK TURN AND BANK INDICATOR, Pioneer, Circa 1940, Type No. 1708-1A-A1, Serial No. 3277, 83mm wide, 83mm height, 145mm long. Fitted to most WWII American aircraft. Moderate bubble. Good condition.
Ref. No. 988. P-40 TURN AND BANK INDICATOR. Type 1708-1A-A1-1283. Plate reads: “Pioneer Instrument. Division of Bendix Aviation Corporation, Bendix, New Jersey, USA.”

Ref. No. 714. CURTISS P-40 KITTYHAWK RPM GAUGE. Circa 1940s. Jaeger Watch Co.
Ref. No. 189. SUCTION GAUGE. Circa 1940. 0 - 10 inches mercury. Shield on dial reads “Ashcroft American Bridgeport Conn.” Rear plate reads “Manning, Maxwell & Moore Inc. Bridgeport. Conn. USA Type No. 6702-66 Serial No. 34189. Type used in Kittyhawks.
Ref. No. 171. KITTYHAWK TYPE F-4 U. S. ARMY SUCTION GAUGE. Circa 1942. Rear plate reads “Contract No. AC-26944 Mf’r’s Part No. 6704-152 Ser. No. AC-42-1825 Spec No. 94-27336 Manning. Maxwell & Moore, Inc. Bridgeport. Conn.” Type also used in Mustangs etc.
Ref. No. 139. WWII BENDIX PANEL MOUNTED B-16 COMPASS. Circa 1943. Plate reads "Order No. AC-32752 Mfr's Part No. 1818-4-A Spec. No. 94-27807 Bendix Aviation Corporation, Pioneer Instrument Division, Bendix, New Jersey, U.S.A." Front plate reads "A.C.U.S. Army, Type B-16, Serial No. AF-43-11667". Engraved in white (an RAF Part No.) is 6B/1816. On rear of compass is written ACO/R/5/51. Compass painted black and is fitted with a light. Compass has small air bubble.  This type of compass was fitted to P40 Kittyhawk (see "Kittyhawks and Coconuts pg 74)
Ref. No. 108. P-40 MANIFOLD PRESSURE GAUGE. Pioneer. Circa WWII. U.S.Navy, probably from Allison engined fighter aircraft. Front dial reads "Manifold Pressure Inches of Mercury Absolute. B U Aero U S Navy Pioneer. Rear of instrument has plate with patent and manufacturers details. Part No. 1925-1M-A1. Rear of instrument also has white US Navy stamp. Similar instrument is shown in P40 fighter aircraft in "Kittyhawks and Coconuts pg 74. Similar gauge shown in “Complete book of Cockpits” by Don Dwiggins on page 180.
Ref. No. 999. P-40 MANIFOLD GAUGE. Dial reads: “Manifold Pressure Inches of Mercury Kollsman 1750K-01-5285”. 
Ref. No. 228. P-40 COOLANT TEMPERATURE GAUGE. Circa 1940. Rear plate reads “Order No AC-16691 Mfr’s Part No. 102116 Spec No 94-27947 Weston Electric Inst Corp”.
Ref. No. 215. P-40 GAUGE TYPE B-7. Circa 1940. Temp C’. Oil and Fuel Pressure. Rear plate reads “Type B-7 Serial No. AF 43-26818 Spec No. 94-27943-A MF’RS Part No. 10229-A-15 Order No. W535-AC-32714 The Electric Auto-Lite Co Motometer Gauge & Equip’T Div. La Crosse, Wis.”

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