Virtual Museum - Chance-Vought F4U Corsair parts

Ref. No. 954. FG-1D CORSAIR INSTRUMENT PANEL. The F4U instrument panel is wide in keeping with the spacious cockpit of the Corsair and other US Navy fighters.  The hole at top right was where the wiring went from the gunsight, which reflected an image onto the windscreen rather than on an inbuilt glass screen. The hole at lower left was for the drop tank control.

Ref. No. 1211. RNZAF CHANCE VOUGHT F4U CORSAIR AMMUNITION BOX WITH ORIGINAL WWII PAINT. The top of the box shows part of the RNZAF Pacific roundel as this forms part of the wing skin. This ammunition box could well have come from NZ5516 as “516” is written in pencil on the bottom of the box. This was sometimes done so that the box didn’t end up on another aircraft. NZ5516 was an F4U-1A and was initially with the US navy and given the bureau number of 50221 and the construction number (“c/n”) 5468. Shipped from USA on 10 May 1944 aboard "USS Northfield". Assembled at No.1 Assembly Depot, Hobsonville and BOC Unit 36, Hobsonville on 29 May 1944. To Corsair Conversion Flight, Ardmore by July 1944. Force landed at Papakura on 08 November 1944 after engine failure. Pilot Officer C. O'Neill injured. Aircraft written off books at Hamilton on 26 April 1044 (?).

Ref. No. 321. CORSAIR FIGHTER COOLING FLAP SELECTOR. Circa 1940. Plaque reads “Cooling Flaps. Open. Closed. Oil Cool. Inter Cool. Engine” Large lever reads (engine) “VS23631 J”. Intercooler lever reads “VS-12465 A 51 ST”. Oil cooler lever reads “VS-12465 A 51 ST” Rear of plate reads “11697”.
Ref No. 882.  F4U CORSAIR CONTROL COLUMN GRIP.  Circa 1944. Bakelite. Ex-RNZAF. Has part number VS-34430 with mark “CH”. 

Ref. No. 322. CORSAIR FIGHTER IDENTIFICATION LIGHTS SWITCH PANEL. Circa 1940. Four switches. One keying switch. Three down recognition ( red, green, amber) lights - flash, off and steady positions. One up recognition light - flash, off and steady position.

Ref. No. 1142. ENGINE DATA PLATE PRATT & WHITNEY R-2800-8. A C or Bu No. 35775 Mfg No. 200337, Contract No. NXs-414. Has US Navy stamp with anchor and the number “71”. This data plate was fitted to a Corsair aircraft used by the RNZAF and almost certainly flew on operations against the Japanese. This plate was collected by an airframe mechanic, William Albert Leitch, in the 1940s who served in the RNZAF as a LAC. He collected a wide variety of plates from different engines fitted to RNZAF aircraft. These included P-40 Kittyhawk, C-47 Dakota, F4U Corsair, Lockheed Hudson, PBY Catalina, SBD Dauntless, de Havilland Mosquito, Short Singapore and a Blackburn Baffin. Leitch died in 1991.

Ref. No. 907.  F4U CORSAIR/P-51 GUN CAMERA.  Front plate reads “12 Volt Camera Type M4” and “24 Volt Camera Type N4”. Side plate reads “U.S. Navy – Bur. Of Ord. Body Assem. G.S.A.P. Camera 16 mm. 24 volts Sep. No. 31136 M’F’R’S. Dwg. No. C334-C1 Ser. No. 41-3103 Order No. Nos. 82862 Inspector E.K.(anchor symbol), Fairchild Aviation Corporation. N. Y. For camera assembly type identification see lens mount flange data.” Other plate reads “Set indicator at index for desired speed. Do not change speed when camera is running.”  On lens is U.S.Navy – Bur. Of Ord. Lens Assy. 35 mm plain. Spec. No. 311157. Serial No. 3171.
Ref. No. 156. US NAVY AIRCRAFT CLOCK. Circa 1940. 24 hour. 8 day. Waltham. Working condition. Used in Corsair fighters. Photograph of this type of clock is also shown in a Ventura bomber in "A Long Patrol" pg 50. Also shown in F6 Hellcat, pg 174 “Complete book of Coclpits” by Don Dwiggins.  Rare.

Ref. No. 631. CORSAIR IGNITION SWITCHES.  “AN3212-1. Jos. Pollak Corp 801R”.

Ref. No. 654.CHANCE-VOUGHT F4U CORSAIR  DIRECTION INDICATOR. Circa 1940. AN-5735-1 Mfrs Part No. 646050. Ser. No. AL43-732.

Ref. No. 229. REMOTE INDICATING COMPASS. Pioneer. Circa 1940. red plastic covering glass front. Plates reads in part “Indicator - Magnesyn Remote Indicating Compass AN Part No 5730-2 Mfr’s part No 10061-1A-A1” Type used in Mustangs and Corsairs.
Ref. No. 342. CORSAIR MANIFOLD PRESSURE GAUGE. 1942. 10 - 75 range. “Contract No. AC-26944. Mfr’s Part No. 6748 157. Ser. No. AC-42 32565. Spec. No. 9427938-A Manning Maxwell & Moore, Bridgeport, Conn.”

Ref. No. 652. CORSAIR TURN AND SLIP INDICATOR. Circa 1940s. Used in most American aircraft. Mfrs Part No. 1722-2AD-A2 Ser. No. AF-43-104655. Pioneer Instrument, Bendix Aviation Corp.
Ref. No. 711. CORSAIR TEMPERATURE GAUGE. Circa 1940s. 0-120’C range.

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