Air-to-Air Review in Flypast magazine

Air-to-Air, Chris Rudge, Adventure Air, ISBN 0 473 08119 9, 408pp, illus, hbk, NZ$84.95 - Sub-titled 'The Story Behind the Air-to-Air Combat Claims of the RNZAF', this is a huge labour of love which has been made available as a limited edition of 900.  In 2001, New Zealand took the decision to disband the air combat element of the RNZAF, leaving the P-3 Orions as the force's most offensive aircraft (if you see what I mean . . .).  The pros and cons of this move will rumble on for evermore but what it will never do is erode the incredibly valiant war fought by the RNZAF in World War Two.  This lavish work documents the exploits of those who made air-to-air 'kills' in the Pacific and South-East Asia.  Much of this will be 'unknown' territory to British eyes.  The detail within is incredible, the narrative absorbing, the photos abundant.

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