Virtual Museum - de Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth parts

Ref. No. 745. DE HAVILLAND DH82 TIGER MOTH TRIM LEVER (Complete).  1940s.  The trim lever is located on the left hand side of the cockpit below the door.
Ref. No. 956. TIGER MOTH INSTRUMENT PANEL. Instruments include: lower left, altimeter; top left, airspeed indicator;  top left of centre, inclinometer; top centre, turn and slip; top right, RPM gauge with adaptor plate (this instrument is tilted so that the connection at the rear of the instrument is clear of the oil pressure gauge underneath); lower right, oil pressure gauge.  Centre hole is for compass, which needs a holder.

Ref. No. 22. APERIODIC COMPASS MK III A , No 529. Circa 1940. Pencil marks on back show service date of R10/5/44. Brass plate reads; "Trade Sestrel Mark, Aero Compass, Sole Manufacturers, Henry Browne & Son Ltd, Barking London." Black dial surround with grey case. Compass came with box marked on front and back with "Delicate instruments, to be handled with great care" and "Glass With Care" on the lid. Has brass hinges and front latches. Webbing handle on outside. Stamp on lid hard to read but has words "Compass" and "Conservatory" and date stamp of 27 JUN 1941". Other numbers in pencil read "44001/B".
Ref. No. 71. P8 COMPASS. Circa 1940. "AM Ref No.6A/0.726" plaque on side. "Type P8 No. 122105.H" written on top of dial. Black rim and bowl. Rubbers OK but no alcohol in bowl. In good condition overall.

Ref. No. 382. DH82 TIGER MOTH MAGNETO SWITCHES. Circa 1940. Back reads “Twinob BCM/Ektrik Made in England. 129.”
Ref. No. 55. GIPSY PROPELLER CAP. Circa 1930's. Aluminium cap with steel plate which is attached to front of propeller. Tip painted red.  Believed to be off an aircraft previously owned by the Canterbury Aero Club.

Ref. No. 614. DE HAVILLAND DH82 TIGER MOTH INCLINOMETER. Circa 1941. AM 6A/389. No. 1187/41. Short & Mason Ltd, London.
Ref. No. 624. DE HAVILLAND DH82  TIGER MOTH INCLINOMETER. Circa 1940. Type used on Tiger Moth, Oxford, Sunderland. Ref. No. 6A/389.

Ref. No. 628. DE HAVILLAND DH82 TIGER MOTH TURN AND SLIP INDICATOR. AM. Mark IA. No. 2999/38 Reid & Sigrist Ltd.
Ref. No. 239.  PRESSURE GAUGE MKXIE. 1943. Suitable for Spitfire, Hurricane, Mosquito, Anson , Oxford or Tiger Moth. Complete with tubing and brass engine mount. Broad arrow on side. “MKXIV 6A/570” on one side and “No. 82752/43” on other side.

Ref. No. 246. ALTIMETER MK XIVA KOLLSMAN. Circa 1940’s. Data plate reads “ Kollsman AM Sensitive Altimeter Mk XIVA Patents Nos 381, 443 & 393, 272” Front dial has “106A/1661 6186”.  Excellent condition. In working order.
Ref. No. 336. TIGER MOTH AIRSPEED INDICATOR MKIXB. 1940. 0 - 160 mph. Short & Mason. London. No. 5896/40. Air Ministry. Ref. No. 6A/290. Pat. No. 510096.
Ref. No. 335. TIGER MOTH AIRSPEED INDICATOR MKIXB. 1940. 0 - 160 mph. No. 11529/40. Air Ministry. Ref. No. 6A/290. Pat. No. 510096.

Ref. No. 214. SMITHS AIRSPEED INDICATOR. Circa 1940’s. Ex Tiger Moth. 0 - 160 mph. Front details “AIR 665/?0 1XB 6A/290 MPH” Rear reads has “AM” with sticker “SR/45”.
Ref. No. 158. M.K. 16 R.P.M. GAUGE FROM TIGER MOTH. Circa 1938. Smiths. Front dial reads "Hundreds R.P.M. Mk 16 9874 S S & S Ltd London. Service date of Nov 1940 and 10/11/52 on rear. Same gauge shown in “The complete book of cockpits” by Don Dwiggins on pg. 112.
Ref. No. 72. TIGER MOTH REV COUNTER. 1939. "Noral Y13131c" marked on side of case and "AM" plus crown on back. Dial is from 600 to 2600 RPM. "Hundreds of RPM, Mk IXBNo 1012/39, S S & S Ltd London, MR" written on dial. 93mm across dial. Green arc is from 1220 to 1600 RPM with red line at 1900 RPM. Green and red marks painted on rear of glass front.


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